Kansas City Royals and NWSL's Utah Royals spar over nickname

The Kansas City Royals and the Utah Royals FC are at odds over their nickname.

In August, baseball's Royals opposed the trademark of the National Women's Soccer League team, according to filings to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that were obtained by the Kansas City Star.

"(The Kansas City Royals) have achieved widespread recognition and fame. As a consequence (the Royals have) built up highly valuable goodwill," the notice of opposition from the team said, per the Star. "(That goodwill) has become closely and uniquely identified and associated with (the Kansas City Royals)."

The NWSL denied those allegations in paperwork filed Monday, saying the major league team's claim "constitutes a broad overreach by Major League Baseball to interfere with and stifle Women's Soccer and professional female sports leagues in general."

The Kansas City Royals had no comment when reached by the Star.

The Utah Royals FC formed in December 2017 and played their first season in the NWSL this year. Their logo features a crown on top of a gold lioness head.

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