Heal thyself

Bumps, bruises and road rash -- all signs that you're either a major klutz or a committed athlete. We'll go ahead and assume the latter. When you spend a good chunk of your time running, cycling or rushing the boards for rebounds, you're bound to get a little banged up. So, we've put together a small first aid kit -- made up of things you can find at any drug store -- to help you deal with common minor injuries. Stash a kit in your medicine cabinet and put one in your gym bag, this way you'll always be prepared.

Ailment: blisters
Cure it: Band-Aid Friction Block Stick, $4.99, Band-aid.com

Whether you're a marathoner or hiking the Appalachian Trail, apply the non-messy (hands-free -- a la antiperspirant) lubricating formula to any tender areas on your feet to instantly reduce rubbing on skin and prevent pain from sneakers, boots, shoes or sport sandals. Another bonus: Since it forms an invisible barrier, it's ideal to keep in your purse for those post-game nights out when you're in high heels and your feet are on fire.

Ailment: road rash
Cure it: Bactine Pain Relieving Cleansing Spray, about $4, Bactine.com

The severity of road rash -- whether from a bike crash or inline skating wipeout -- is similar to that of first-, second- or third-degree burns. Cyclists with first-degree scrapes and scratches where just the surface is reddened can use this over-the-counter remedy (bottled water also works in a pinch) to clean the abrasion. Bactine's no-rinse antiseptic formula, around since 1950, cleans minor cuts, scrapes and wounds -- without the sting of hydrogen peroxide. This handy spray nozzle gives you controlled placement without having to touch the hot spots.

Ailment: cuts, bruises, scrapes
Cure it: Band-Aid Water Block Plus adhesive bandages, $3.99, Band-Aid.com

There's nothing worse than a soggy bandage that refuses to stay put. That's why we are all about this latest Band-Aid creation. It's 100 percent waterproof (just how they manage that is a trade secret) and the adhesive flanks the pad on all four sides, so there are no holes for the wet stuff to sneak in. Thankfully, they're also super pliable so you don't have to worry about them messing with your game.

Ailment: sunburn
Cure it: Aveeno's Hydrosport, $10.99, Aveeno.com

Perfect for the outdoor obsessed -- surfers, roller bladders, runners, tennis players and aspiring Christie Kerr's -- this SPF 85 uses a blend of water-repelling natural ingredients (what the company calls a Natural Lotus Complex) to create a protective waterproof shield on your skin. The spray bottle makes application an easy (and un-messy!) affair, making it possible to reach even that impossible mid-back spot.

Ailment: bee sting
Cure: After Bite Chigger & Ant, $3.99, Tendercorp.com

If you often take your workout outside, you know all too well that it's a bug's world -- and we're just visiting. This cooling gel -- a mixture of baking soda and tea tree oil -- zaps pain, itching and inflammation from chigger and ant bites, and bee and wasp stings. It is also handy if you have an irritation from poison ivy, oak or sumac. The seven-ounce applicator tube is ideal for first aid kits, purses, backpacks and pockets.

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