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The Oxford Dictionary recently inducted more than 400 new words into its pages, including jeggings, sexting, retweet, mankini and Woot. WTF? Where's all the sporty vocab?!? Allow me to play amateur lexicographer and present my best new words of 2011 for possible inclusion next year:

rackteria (n.) rack-TEER-ee-uh The sweat, germs and other general grossness that accumulates in your sports bra after a series of hardcore workouts.
Example: "My four-year-old sports bra was dripping with so much rackteria, I had to carry it home in a garbage bag."

follicular manslaughter (n.) fuh-LICK-you-luhr man-SLAW-terr The inevitable process of damaging your hair when swimming competitively.
Example: "Decades of soaking in chlorine committed follicular manslaughter on Dara Torres' hair; no wonder she cut it short."

leap year sport (n.) LEEP-yeer-sport A sport which unjustifiably only receives attention every four years. (See: Figure skating, swimming, track-and-field.)
Example: "I was psyched that the Women's World Cup scored so much media attention this year -- I just wish it wasn't such a leap year sport."

Full kourt press (n.) An athlete's attempt to woo a Kardashian sister. (See: Humphries, Kris; Bush, Reggie; Odom, Lamar; Jenner, Bruce.)
Example: "LeBron ran into Kim after the game and totally tried to execute the full kourt press. Too bad she just got hitched."

VO2 Meh (n.) vee-oh-too-MEH The measure of how bored you become on a certain piece of cardio equipment.
Example: "It was pouring outside, so I was forced to spend an hour on the treadmill, sending my VO2 Meh skyhigh."

Woodsian (adj.) WOOD-zee-inn Displaying cheating or otherwise douchebaggy behavior.
Example: "Sigma Epsilon is the most Woodsian fraternity on campus -- I refuse to even drink free beer there, let alone let one of them take me to their formal."

Burpeerexic (adj.) berr-pee-REXX-ick A devoted exerciser who detests Burpees, even though they offer a stellar cardio workout.
Example: When it comes to training for her upcoming triathlon, Cristina spends 12 hours a week on the bike, treadmill and in the pool ... but when it comes to plyometrics, she's a total burpeerexic.

Zomba (n.) ZAHM-buh Aperson who looks hopelessly lost and unable to follow the lead in a Zumba class. Usually characterized by a scared, wide-eyed, frozen stare, open mouth and stiff limbs.
Example: Lauren looked like such a Zomba in class today, dancing with her arms straight out in front of her -- she might as well have been auditioning for MJ's Thriller video, circa 1983.

Any sports-centric words you think are dictionary worthy?

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