Three reasons to do ... crow pose

The move: Crow pose

Three reasons to do it now:

• It'll make you faster. That's because it helps improve your sense of balance (yes, even when balancing on your hands and not your legs.) When you're able to stay on your center, you don't waste precious seconds regaining your footing.

• You'll injury-proof your back. Crow pose is a mega chest strengthener. "A strong chest keeps your shoulder blades in position, which gives you a more powerful ready position used in all sports," said Michele Olson, Ph.D., an exercise physiologist and creator of the DVD Perfect Legs, Glutes and Abs. "The stronger your ready position, the less likely you are to incur upper back injury."

• It trains you to brace your core. Unlike crunches, where the tension is a start-stop pattern, a Crow pose isometrically contracts the core. This is the position it needs to be in when you exert force such as kicking a soccer ball, jumping, sprinting, serving a tennis ball, and more.

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