Pascale Gueracague's cool sports job: Concept Director at lululemon labs

Courtesy of Pascale Gueracague

As the Concept Director at lululemon, Gueracague suggests getting 'hands on with your passion'.

Pascale Gueracague's career is a study in how one turns their passion into purpose. Most of her childhood was spent discovering and extricating the beauty in the mundane: cereal boxes, baby powder and plastic bags. She didn't know it then, but she was already crafting and curating her vision -- one that would lead her to head up the design departments for some of the biggest lifestyle brands on the planet.

The 32-year-old, who grew up in Southern California and Miami, always had very specific goals in mind. Her public, magnet arts high school led to a scholarship at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where Gueracague majored in textile design. After some internships and apprenticing, she landed her first job designing dorm bedding for Target, specifically for students that weren't much older than she was at the time.

A foray into fashion was the next step, where she took on design roles at Helmut Lang, Alexander Wang, and Hood By Air.

However, her time as the Concept and Textile Lead at Under Armour primed her for her biggest role yet -- and the position she currently holds -- Concept Director for lululemon lab.

With the New York City Marathon this Sunday and the recent launch of lululemon's new reflective technology, which is targeted to runners, we thought it was the perfect time to talk with Gueracague about working with some of the world's coolest brands, finding inspiration everywhere, and more.

Here, she provides insight on her journey to the top of her game.

Courtesy of lululemon

lululemon's reflective splatter collection creates 360 degrees of reflectivity without compromising mobility.

Creativity grows where it's planted

I attended a public, magnet art high school that cultivated a creative and academic approach to drawing, painting, color theory, art and design history. When I arrived at RISD, I was quickly drawn to the textile department with its long fabric silk screening tables, big rooms filled with students threading warps on hand looms, knitting machines and beautiful dye labs. From that point on, I was psyched and ready to start exploring the world of textiles.

Working with the best, makes you the best

Helmut Lang was a critically formative period in my career and a unique situation where textile design was a strong form of expression and an important component to the creative language of the brand. Over the course of seven years, I was fortunate to have the opportunity and room to grow under Creative Directors Michael and Nicole Colovos, who tremendously valued the possibilities of textile design.

When vision meets innovation, a brand becomes unstoppable

Working at Alexander Wang was quite inspiring. It was amazing to experiment with so many new techniques and garment treatments. Wang has an amazing ability to create an all-encompassing vision, which I loved being a part of. Working with these brands gave me the creative freedom and space to experiment with so many new textiles, fabric techniques, print designs, wash and dye treatments, and garment concepts in a manner that materially supported a larger creative expression and vision season after season.

Choose to work brands that care about the future, if you hope to change it

I am attracted to brands that are forward thinking. From a fabric, craft and materials standpoint, there is so much uncharted territory within the space of textile design for an active contemporary lifestyle. This position opened up a unique opportunity to work with an inspiring and specialized team during a new chapter for the brand.

Reflectivity is turned on its head in lululemon's latest collection

Get hands on with your passion

My best advice would be to identify where your passion is pulling you and explore it in a hands-on way. Put in the time and work to learn and grow. Allow yourself to roll with the punches and keep moving forward.

Visibility is lululemon's next endeavor

lululemon lab is an incubator for creating innovative functional product. We have some exciting new products coming to the NYC lab this winter, and that includes new discoveries with functional flocking techniques, new solutions around visibility, as well as new prints inspired by the city. And there's much more to come in 2017 and beyond.

Fuel your creative force with kindness 

Keep perspective to what truly matters and treat people with respect and kindness. As much as that may not feel like "design," it fuels your creative force and ability to pull people together to achieve greater things. And lastly, try to appreciate this cosmic miracle and enjoy the ride.

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