20 Questions: South Carolina's big win, and other unforgettable Final Four moments

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South Carolina celebrated a win over Mississippi State in the NCAA women's Final Four college basketball tournament on Sunday.

Need to catch up with what's happening in the world of sports and pop culture? Don't worry. I got you.

1. First things first -- congratulations to the University of South Carolina! The Gamecocks snagged their first national championship Sunday, beating Mississippi State 67-55 in an all-SEC title game at American Airlines Center. How was the game won? 

2. How did South Carolina head coach Dawn Staley rewrite history? 

3. A question that needs an answer: Why was Mississippi State Final Four hero Morgan William benched the entire fourth quarter? 

4. Some sports moments are unforgettable, and this was one of them. Where were you when Morgan William shocked the world and ended the University of Connecticut's 111-game winning streak and NCAA tournament run? 

5. Do you know who took the game from a 10 to an 11 for me? Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. His reactions were everything! 

6. Is UConn's stunning loss to Mississippi State the biggest upset in NCAA tournament history? 

7. How did one woman find basketball again in her 30s

8. Which legendary players will be immortalized by the Basketball Hall of Fame this year? 

9. Is Zion Williamson, a top-ranked Spartanburg, South Carolina, high school basketball player, a legend in the making? Review this dunk and report back.

10. Will former New York Knicks starting center Patrick Ewing finally add head coach to his resume

11. Not only have the Cleveland Cavaliers slipped to second place in the East, but LeBron James is also lashing out at teammates mid-game. What's the latest on the collapse of the Cavs

12. Baseball is back! Which ace set a new MLB record on Opening Day? 

13. This April Fool's Day prank involving Texas A&M's baseball team was epic! But I still need to know: How did they get the phone number?

14. How is five-time gold medalist and swimmer Dana Vollmer embracing womanhood in the most badass way? 

15. What's the worst thing I've seen all week? Hint: It involves Cristiano Ronaldo.

16. Is Roger Federer's comeback for real

17. Were you as confused as I was to see your Twitter feed buzzing about WrestleMania 33 on Sunday night? Here's what happened.

18. And why was Rob Gronkowski involved? 

19. Do you agree with how the LPGA handled Lexi Thompson's fan-flagged penalty this weekend?

20. The NCAA men's championship game between the University of North Carolina and Gonzaga tips off Monday night. Which team will take it all

Shana Renee is the founder and editor-in-chief of All Sports Everything and a passionate New York Jets, Knicks and Yankees fan. Follow her sports talk on Twitter at @ItsShanaRenee.

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