espnW's Summit Action Plan

espnW's leadership team: Laura Gentile, Alison Overholt, Carol Stiff and Rachel Epstein break down the 2014-15 Summit Action Plan and discuss the year's accomplishments. The team also looks ahead to next year's action plan.

Innovation and technology transforming sports for women

At the 2015 espnW: Women + Sports Summit, four leaders from a wide variety of organizations, from Gatorade to Ethos, sit down with Julie Foudy to discuss how they are changing sports for women through technology.

The female advantage in business

Sage Steele sits down with three senior-raking women in male-dominated industries to talk about tricks of the trade and the woman advantage.

Carli Lloyd's road to the World Cup

Carli Lloyd and her trainer James Galanis sit down with Sage Steele at the 2015 espnW: Women + Sports Summit to talk about Carli's training regimen and the steps she and James took together to reach World Cup greatness.

espnW's future is bright

espnW's biggest players sit down at the 2015 espnW: Women + Sports Summit to discuss the company's commitment to women, the future of espnW and the thriving marketplace.