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Overwatch League power rankings - Shuffling the deck

With the new meta in play, teams worked hard to figure it out. Some were more successful than others.

Robert Paul/Blizzard Entertainment

OWL by the numbers: Adjusting to the new meta

Overwatch League Stage 4's new patches installed in the off-week inspired some changes to strategy that were felt around the league. Let's take a look at how the meta changed professional play.

OWL Stage 4 - Week 1: San Francisco Shock vs Seoul Dynasty

Catch up on the action here.



Top Headlines

Royal Never Give Up

Mid-Season Invitational

MSI: Royal Never Give Up takes home title with style

Blood, sweat and tears. Royal has the honor of taking home the Mid-Season Invitational trophy, a title that's eluded China since 2015.

Royal Never Give Up cements its legacy at MSI

It had been 1,106 days since a non-South Korean team defeated a South Korean team at a major international tournament. Now that counter is at zero.

NBA 2K League

In-Game with Artreyo "Dimez" Boyd

Artreyo "Dimez" Boyd, the top pick of the NBA 2K Draft for Mavs Gaming, plays some NBA 2K and talks about how his life has changed since the draft.


SC Featured: NBA 2K featuring the next generation of athletes

The NBA's newest league has turned video gamers into NBA athletes, with teams formed to go head-to-head in NBA 2K.




MSI - Kingzone checkmate Flash Wolves

The titans of South Korea roar back to life in a thrilling series against the Flash Wolves.



Former Counter-Strike player and ESL tournament director Jonas "bsl" Vikan discusses returning to the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals at the Verizon Theatre. Bsl first competed as a player in the Counter-Strike portion of the Cyberathlete Pro League in July and August of 2003, at the Hyatt Regency Dallas, about 13 miles away from Verizon Theatre.

Jacob Wolf, ESPN Staff Writer3d ago


We're out at Tespa's Hearthstone Collegiate Championships today. Teams are competing for a $150,000 prize pool with $10,000 for each of the three members of the first-place team. Stanford University won the first quarterfinal 3-1 against Boise State. Next up is University of Utah vs. Penn State Blue. Penn State qualified two teams out of the open bracket for this event, and Utah qualified out of the varsity (school-sponsored) bracket.

Sean Morrison, ESPN.com3d ago

NBA2K LEague

SC Featured preview: NBA 2K the next generation of athletes

The NBA pairs with NBA 2K to create a new gaming league. Watch the full feature Sunday morning on SportsCenter.


Mid-Season Invitational

League of Legends

Breaking down the Mid-Season Invitation group stage

Now that we're finished with groups at the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational, let's take a look at the winners, losers and biggest surprises before the bracket stage of the annual tournament.

Even without Karsa, the Flash Wolves find success internationally

When Karsa left for China, the fate of Taiwan's No. 1 seed was up in the air. But the Flash Wolves are surpassing expectations, with or without him.

Flash Wolves lead the pack at MSI

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Turns out it's every team at the Mid-Season Invitational.


Overwatch League

Stage 4

For the winless Dragons, fun is a universal language

The Shanghai Dragons Overwatch League team is made up of English, Korean and Mandarin speakers, but the team is unified and joyful despite their different languages and 0-30 record.

Overwatch League power rankings - It's NYXL's league

At this point it's NYXL's league, and we're all just living in it.

Overwatch League Power Rankings -- Stage 4

The Overwatch League returns this week and all the buzz is around the new tank-based meta. Emily Rand joins Phil Murphy to get you up to speed.



Treyarch Studios announced at its Black Ops 4 launch event on Thursday that the new game will include a Battle Royale mode called "Blackout," officially entering the Black Ops series into the game type popularized by Fortnite, H1Z1 and PUBG Battlegrounds. The event took place at an airport hangar in Hawthorne, California, and featured celebrities and athletes like Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns, Rams running back Todd Gurley and Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Shuster. Black Ops 4 will be released on October 12.

ESPN staff5d ago


How the U.S. gambling decision will affect esports

The U.S. Supreme Court's decision to remove gambling prohibitions from states will inevitably impact all forms of competitive gaming. Here's what to expect in the near future and beyond.

Mark Cuban discusses esports and gambling

Dallas Mavericks owner and esports gambling site Unikrn investor Mark Cuban discusses his thoughts on sports and esports gambling following Monday's U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Murphy v. NCAA. Video by Jacob Wolf




Laval University wins Heroes of the Dorm

Laval University became the first Canadian school to win Heroes of the Dorm with its 3-0 sweep of Buffalo in the finals Saturday.

Laval University wins Heroes of the Dorm

They came, they saw, they conquered.


Buffalo's Heroes of the Dorm team took on the nickname ImprobaBull Victory, and this squad's lived up to its name. Buffalo advanced to the Dorm finals with a 3-2 win against Cal Poly Pomona and will face Laval in the final. The winning players earn full tuition. | Photo by Carlton Beener, provided by Tespa

Sean Morrison, ESPN.com10d ago

Overwatch League

Overwatch League Stage 3 look back

With Stage 4 of the Overwatch League just around the corner, Emily Rand looks at the best and worst from Stage 3.


Sources: Next OWL slots to cost $30-60 million

The next season of the Overwatch League will be more expensive to buy in to based on a variety of factors, according to sources.



Kingzone's Bdd must seize MSI opportunity

If the mid laner can carry his team to a Mid-Season Invitational title, the talk of him becoming a legend in League can rightfully begin.

Riot's Roster Rule Problem

Will we ever see the potential of a 10-man roster? Not at an international event. Emily Rand explores the issue with Phil Murphy.


Examining Riot's roster rules

Will we ever see the full potential of a 10-man roster?



Renegades' JKS: "Kassad wanted me to start secondary calling"

Jks sat down to chat about his evolving role on Renegades.

NRG's Daps says when it comes to evaluating players, it's all about movement

What's the most important thing when looking for players? NRG's Daps thinks it's movement.

Cloud9's FNS: "I'm very uncomfortable right now" in C9's system

Cloud9's new in-game leader talks about the want to implement his own system to help C9 grow.

Overwatch League

Stage 3 final

New York breaks Boston's heart again, but not its spirit

With similarities to the New York Giants taking down the undefeated New England Patriots in the 2007 Super Bowl, the New York Excelsior handed the Boston Uprising its first Stage 3 loss in the Overwatch League stage final last weekend.

Barclays Center to host Overwatch League finals

The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, will host the inaugural grand finals of the Overwatch League on July 27-28, Blizzard Entertainment and Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment announced on Wednesday.

OWL: NYXL earns back-to-back stage titles

The Boston Uprising continued its remarkable Stage 3 streak in the Overwatch League with a 3-0 sweep to make the Stage 3 finals.



Boise State's Borland shines under bright lights

The Broncos' captain is one of the few women in the world -- yes, the world -- with a leading role on an esports team. And yes, she earned it.

Boise State Broncos bucking esports trends

The Boise State Overwatch esports has not one, but two women on its team, including captain Maggie Borland. Katie Barnes talks to us about the pair.


Mid-Season Invitational

League of Legends

Don't sleep on SuperMassive at MSI

The TCL had 16 South Koreans playing across eight teams this past winter, and two of those were GBM and SnowFlower on SuperMassive. With their help can SuperMassive make a deep MSI run?

Four AD carries to watch at MSI

International League of Legends events usually feature matchups in the mid lane. But not at this year's Mid-Season Invitational. AD carries will run the show, and four featured marksmen have something to prove.

Mid-Season Invitational power rankings -- old names come to play

There's a lot of veteran talent coming into the Mid-Season Invitational, including Doublelift, but only one team will walk away a champion. The current favorite? You guessed it: Kingzone.


Cloud9's Sneaky shows off passion for cosplay

One of North America's best AD carries has a side hobby that's garnered a ton of attention on social media - and yes, he can walk in those heels.



Esports Top 10 Plays of April

See all the best moments in esports throughout April.


Overwatch League

Power Rankings

Overwatch League Power Rankings -- shields up

Both LA teams now sit in the top-5 after a strong week from the LA Gladiators. Meanwhile, Boston keeps on winning. And winning.

OWL by the numbers: It's the little things

While Boston's Overwatch League-best 12-match win streak is certainly impressive, and New York's 25-3 record is nothing short of incredible, there are some smaller stories that deserve the spotlight.

Overwatch League Power Rankings through April 30

The top 2 remain steady in this week's edition of the Overwatch Power Rankings, but the final spots are up for grabs with four teams sitting at 4-4.



Rochester Institute of Technology is your Collegiate StarLeague Dota 2 champion. RIT swept UC Davis 2-0 to take home $10,000 and cap off a season that included a runner-up spot at the American Video Game League finals earlier this month. UC Davis, the runner-up, will get $6,000 for its effort.

Sean Morrison, ESPN.com23d ago

The reigning Collegiate StarLeague Counter-Strike: Global Offensive champion will get a chance to defend its title. CUNY Baruch came back from a 1-0 deficit against UCLA to win 2-1 and advance to the finals after a 16-14 win in the final round. CUNY Baruch will face Robert Morris, with the winning team earning $20,000 and the loser $10,000.

Sean Morrison, ESPN.com24d ago

League of Legends

LPL Finals

LPL finals preview -- Uzi, we've been here before

Uzi's been in this situation before, and he's yet to win a domestic title. Can Royal help him get it, or will iBoy and EDward Gaming block his path once more?

LPL Finals preview: EDward Gaming vs Royal Never Give Up

Familiar faces will meet up again in the 2018 Spring LPL Finals, as Uzi and Royal Never Give Up take on EDward Gaming in a rematch of the 2017 Summer Finals. Can Uzi pick up his first domestic title with RNG?



NBA 2K League No. 1 pick on how he trains

NBA 2K gamer Dimez joins The Jump and breaks down what goes into being a world-class player.


Overwatch League

Power Rankings

Overwatch League Power Rankings -- NYXL reigns

NYXL stays on top, but with Boston playing out of its mind, how long until there's a new king of the East Coast?

New faces vying for Overwatch League stage playoff spots

The typical dominance of teams with all-South Korean rosters seems to have waned at the start of Stage 3. This has opened the door for teams that haven't seen much time at the top of the standings.

Overwatch League Power Rankings through April 23

The Overwatch League Power Rankings roll on as LA Valiant push their way into the Top 5. Emily Rand joins Phil Murphy to reveal which team fell out of the rankings, as well as a new challenger to NYXL at the top spot.


League of Legends

LPL Playoffs

Royal never gives up

It went to Game 5, but Uzi and Royal Never Give Up pushed through to make it to the LPL finals.



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