Familiar faces match up on Day 2 of The Summit 6

David "MoonMeander" Tan, previously of OG and now with Digital Chaos, faced off with his former team on Thursday at The Summit 6. Michael Hanson for ESPN

Underdogs and Dota 2 fan favorites clashed on Day 2 of The Summit 6. Digital Chaos, who took second place at The International 6, saw David "MoonMeander" Tan facing his former team OG in the quarterfinals. Evil Geniuses, meanwhile, would face Team Faceless, one of the scariest dark horses in the tournament.

Game 1 of DC vs. OG was a long slugfest between two talented squads. Aliwi "w33" Omar found four kills in the first five minutes, establishing his mid-lane Ursa as a constant threat. OG extended the match with help from Gustav "s4" Magnusson and Anathan "ana" Pham, who both finished the game with 90 percent kill participation on Dark Seer and Invoker, respectively. OG took Game 1 in just under an hour, and had the momentum headed into Game 2.

Digital Chaos' draft for Game 2 seemed built to win the late game this time, with captain Rasmus "MiSeRy" Filipsen turning to a flex Naga Siren, a crucial part of the team's winning TI6 strategy. OG responded with a Morphling for Johan "n0tail" Sundstein, and combined with Magnusson's Clockwork, DC were simply unable to deal with the aggression OG could exert in every lane. OG took the series 2-0, and advanced to the semifinals to await the victor of EG vs. Team Faceless.

In the second series of the day, Evil Geniuses asserted dominance in the first match, with Daryl "iceiceice" Koh Pei Xiang falling several times to EG's safe lane. Artour "Arteezy" Babaev took the lead and ran with it, holding a 617 gold-per-minute while Sumail "Suma1L" Hassan found kills and farm around the map on Mirana. Dominik "Black" Reitmeier worked to find gold and kills on Slark, but two key teamfights went EG's way and snowballed into a 40-minute win for the North American squad.

Faceless struck back in Game 2, with Xiang finding momentum in the early game on his offlane Nyx Assassin. Hassan's Pugna was impressive, but his blasts and ward were unable to beat back Faceless, who took the victory to even the series. For Game 3, EG opted to use a first-round ban on Nyx Assassin, forcing Xiang to turn to a Faceless Void pick while EG nabbed an Ursa for Babaev. In the one-on-one matchup in the Dire long lane, Babaev found farm and plenty of kills on Xiang. Like a rolling stone, Babaev and Co. took lane after lane, tower after tower, and at 43 minutes secured the series and a spot in the final match of the day.

To close out Day 2, the winners of each series faced off: Evil Geniuses against OG. Picking up a Drow and Invoker for hard carries, EG looked ready to push towers and secure an early Game 1 win. Jesse "JerAx" Vainikka had other plans. On a four-role Pudge for OG, key hooks and rotations secured farm for Pham's Alchemist and some extra pull for Magnusson's Batrider. In a quick 27 minutes, OG squashed the aggressive Drow composition of EG, and put the North American squad on match point.

Evil Geniuses looked poised for a comeback in Game 2, after a series of early kills for Hassan on a mid-lane Tiny and a massive Warlock ultimate earning a triple kill for Ludwig "zai" Wåhlberg. OG kept pace, however, finding gold wherever they could and looking to Pham's Dragon Knight and Sundstein's Drow Ranger to secure objective gold. At the 26-minute mark, OG struck out at EG, quickly securing kills on Wåhlberg's Warlock and Andreas "Cr1t-" Nielsen's Earth Spirit. One massive teamfight win was all OG needed to close the gap and more, pushing down two barracks and closing out the series 2-0. OG secures a top-3 berth and will meet Virtus.Pro in the upper bracket finals, while Evil Geniuses drops to the lower bracket.