BIG to leave Echo Fox, test free agency

Former Echo Fox support Terry “BIG” Chuong is the latest in a slew of League of Legends LCS players to be in the market for a new team. Riot Games

Former Echo Fox starting League of Legends support Terry "BIG" Chuong has announced his free agency and plans to explore his options to join a new team in the next League Championship Series split.

In the wake of former All-NA LCS support Adrian "Adrian" Ma announcing his move from immortals to Phoenix1, the floodgates of free-agent frenzy have opened in full, with starters and substitutes from a myriad of major and minor league clubs announcing their addition to the open market.

Although a rookie in the pro scene last year, BIG is no stranger to the competitive world of League of Legends. He started his career in October 2013 with Frank Fang Gaming of the minor league circuit and bounced around as a semi-pro in the Challenger Series before ultimately being chosen as Echo Fox's starter for the 2016 campaign.

On Echo Fox, he was one of the primary shot-callers for the team and helped them compete for an outside chance at a playoff spot in the spring season. Come summer, BIG and his teammates struggled to find success and Echo Fox stumbled to a 1-17 record. In the promotional tournament, the team fended off relegation to keep the blue and orange of Echo Fox in the NA LCS.

BIG recorded a 2.15 KDA with FOX in the summer split, and Karma was his most-played champion at a record of 4-12.