Valve announces groups for Boston Major

The Boston Major will be the last major held on patch 6.88. Provided by Valve

Two days before the Boston Major begins, Valve has publicly announced the group stage format for the coming tournament. The major will use the GSL format for group matches, where teams will play a series of bracketed matches to determine their seeding in the main event bracket. The 16 teams will be duking it out for $3 million in prizes and a claim to dominance in the first major of the 2016-17 season.

First-round match-ups, by group

Group A

  • Wings Gaming vs. Warriors Gaming Unity

  • Digital Chaos vs. LGD.Forever Young

Group B

  • Newbee vs. MVP Phoenix

  • Virtus.Pro vs. Team NP

Group C

  • Evil Geniuses vs. Complexity

  • Faceless vs. LGD Gaming

Group D

  • OG vs. IG Vitality

  • EHOME vs. Ad Finem

Each matchup will play a best-of-three, with the winners and losers moving on to play a second series. A final tiebreaker between each team that went 1-1 will decide the final results for the group. The top seed of each group will then have its choice of opponent from the bottom seed of another group, with the second seeds taking the unpicked teams.

Group stage play will commence at 9 a.m. EST Dec. 3 with group A and B's first round matches. Group C and D will take place Dec. 4, with the main stage event kicking off Dec. 7.

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