League Champions Korea - SK Telecom T1

Stats and content for SK Telecom T1.

*Stats updated through April 1, 2017.

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  • K/D/A - Kill/Death/Assist

  • KDA Ratio - (Kills + Assist)/Deaths

  • DMG% - Damage Percentage

  • DPM - Damage Per Minute

  • KP - Kill Participation

  • DTH% - Death Percentage

  • G% - Gold Percentage

  • WPM - Wards Per Minute

Content and Recaps - Week 10

LCK W10D4: SKT proves it's the real MVP

LCK W10D2: SKT finishes ROX with a bang

Content and Recaps - Week 9

LCK W9D4: SK Telecom T1 falls in decisive Samsung Galaxy sweep

LCK W9D2: SKT falter, but do not fall against Longzhu

Content and Recaps - Week 8

LCK W8D4: SK Telecom T1 chews up bbq Olivers

LCK W8D2: SKT stays on top with win over Afreeca Freecs

Content and Recaps - Week 7

LCK W7D4: SK Telecom T1 is the real Monster under the bed

LCK W7D1: SK Telecom T1 flies to victory over Jin Air Green Wings

Content and Recaps - Week 6

LCK W6D5: SKT take down KT Rolster in Telecom Wars

LCK W6D3: SK Telecom T1 takes razor-thin win over KT Rolster

Content and Recaps - Week 5

LCK W5D3: SK Telecom T1 sweeps Samsung Galaxy in Worlds rematch.

LCK W5D1: SK Telecom T1 bounce back against Longzhu

Content and Recaps - Week 4

LCK W4D5: SKT bounces back with 2-0 sweep over Olivers.

LCK W4D3: Afreeca Freecs sweep SK Telecom T1.

Content and Recaps - Week 3

LCK W3D3: SKT stays on top with 2-0 sweep over MVP.

Content and Recaps - Week 1

LCK W2D1: SK Telecom T1 unstoppable in win over ROX Tigers.

LCK W1D5: SKT rolls over Kongdoo in clean sweep.

LCK W1D2: SKT dismantles Jin Air 2-0.

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