Team Dignitas announces 2017 SMITE roster

Thor takes on Hades in the third-person MOBA, SMITE. Provided by Hi-Rez Studios

Team Dignitas, the esports franchise owned by the Philadelphia 76ers ownership group, has acquired a new team in multiplayer online battle arena Smite following it parting ways with their previous lineup several weeks ago, the team announced today.

The organization has come to agreements with five European players, as well as an Australian coach. It has signed hunter Kenny "Arkkyl" Kuska, support Jeppe "TrixTank" Gylling, mid laner Joakim "Zyrhoes" Verngren, jungler Anders "Qvofred" Korsbo and solo laner Harry "Variety" Cumming. It has also picked up former support player Kurtis "Biggy" Davidson as its new head coach.

The team is a mix of players and staff formerly of Orbit Esport, SK Gaming, Fnatic, Obey Alliance, and Dire Wolves.

Team Dignitas parted ways with its previous Smite team on Jan. 31, with the majority of those players moving on to create their own team, Novus Orsa.

In September, Team Dignitas and Apex Gaming were purchased by the ownership group behind the NBA's Philadelphia 76ers, the NHL's New Jersey Devils, and the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. Since, the team has bolstered its League of Legends roster with star talent from South Korea and hired new executives to lead the charge.