Team NP thwarts Digital Chaos to win Dota 2 Asia Championship NA qualifier

Kurtis "Aui_2000" Ling and the rest of Team NP compete in the 2016 Boston Major in Dota 2. Provided by PGLesports

In the final day of the Americas qualifiers for the 2017 Dota 2 Asia Championships, Team NP took the grand finals over Digital Chaos in a confident 2-0 series, earning a ticket to Shanghai for the local area network finals.

Game one saw DC's Aliwi "w33" Omar return to his infamous Vanguard Invoker build, focusing on the Wex and Exort abilities, while NP's greedier lineup of Ursa and Spirit Breaker signaled an aggressive game plan. Though Digital Chaos held the kill advantage for most of the game, NP persisted, picking off objectives, eroding map advantage and utilizing smoke ganks to catch the more kiting-focused DC draft. At 35 minutes, DC found itself unable to hold its high ground, and ceded the first win to NP.

Digital Chaos drafted Omar's Invoker again in the second game, complemented by a safe trilane to clash against NP's aggressive trilane. Though DC kept it even to start, taking two early kills against the NP trilane, the support duo of Avery "SVG" Silverman and Theeban "Rose" Siva found rotations and kills to secure a footing. The draft of Digital Chaos was put together with a five-man push in mind, but between shaky lanes and critical pickoffs, Team NP found the right ways to disrupt DC and force the team to play at NP's pace. Another game slowly but surely tilted in NP's favor, and a "GG" at 41 minutes secured the team a spot in Shanghai for the main event.

NP will compete with 11 other teams for a piece of DAC 2017's $500,000 prize pool. The event will start on April 1, and with the Kiev Major taking place just a few short weeks later, results at DAC will likely have an impact on direct invites to the upcoming major. Look for teams to make or break their resumes at the second-ever Dota 2 Asia Championships.