TI6 champion lineup plans to disband

Dota 2 team Wings Gaming raises its team and country's flag as it holds The International 6's trophy aloft. Michael Hanson for ESPN

The former lineup of Wings Gaming, the most recent champion of Dota 2's International tournament, is planning to disband following a series of poor performances and management issues, according to Dota 2 interpreter Jack "KBBQ" Chen, who has a close relationship with the team. The lineup is known for raking in $9 million in cash winnings at The International 6.

"The TI6 squad that was Wings is apparently no more," said Chen on his Twitter account. "There is still some hope within that people will reconsider, but after all, these are really young people with a ton of pressure on them."

The players have since left the Wings organization and attended the Kiev Major under the Team Random banner. It finished in the Round of 16 before being eliminated by OG.

The lineup's performance has been less than optimal since TI6. During the Boston Major, it was eliminated in the first round of the main event. Since then, the lineup has struggled to break into the top four of a major event.