Misfits overcome slow start to beat Team ROCCAT 2-1

Tristan "PowerOfEvil" Schrage led a Game 2 charge for Misfits that ultimate led the team to a 2-1 series win over Team ROCCAT. Provided by Riot Games

Misfits overcame a slow start on Saturday to take a 2-1 series win over Team ROCCAT during the third day of Week 2 in the European League of Legends Championship Series in Berlinz.

Both teams drafted teamfighting compositions with strong initiators in the support role for Game 1, but Team ROCCAT (0-2, 2-4 match record) jumped ahead when AD carry Petter "Hjarnan" Freyschuss picked up first blood as Kalista, with help from support Kim "Wadid" Bae-in's Rakan at just two minutes. From there, ROC's bottom lane snowballed the rest of the team with Wadid landing huge combos to initiate fights while Hjarnan dealt massive damage to finish them.

After a couple of mid-game fights went in ROCCAT's favor, ROC took a 29-minute Baron and turned to finish the game. They took a final 3-for-0 fight in Misfits' base after another flashy engage from Wadid, who finished with a phenomenal 3/0/12 KDA (kills/deaths/assists) for 94 percent kill participation, and ROCCAT earned a 33-minute Game 1 win without giving up a single tower.

In stark contrast to Game 1, Misfits (2-1, 4-3 match record) had a great start to Game 2, with mid laner Tristan "PowerOfEvil" Schrage's Cassiopeia picking up a triple kill at seven minutes, along with first blood. Misfits snowballed hard with its teamfighting composition, locking ROCCAT down while PowerOfEvil shredded them to pieces.

Taking a commanding lead into the mid game, Misfits used the threat of a Baron kill to pick up four kills on Roccat and, eventually, the Baron buff at 23 minutes to putt the game realistically out of reach. PowerOfEvil led the charge for Misfits with a 14/2/7 KDA for 87 percent kill participation as Misfits took Game 2 in 29 minutes -- forcing Game 3.

Misfits kept its groove going into Game 3, where it used a disgustingly efficient teamfighting composition to shut ROCCAT down early. Misfits sent two four-man dives to the bottom lane at eight and 11 minutes, respectively, giving Misfits a 5-to-1 kill lead at 13 minutes. It seemed too easy for Misfits throughout the game with ROCCAT having no means of initiating fights, especially when Misfits jungler Nubar "Maxlore" Sarafian could do so for his team from ludicrous ranges as Zac.

Misfits picked up several kills in Baron baits before actually securing the buff at 22 minutes, increasing its gold lead to 9,300. Flooding into ROCCAT's base with the Baron buff, Misfits took one final 4-for-0 fight before closing out a dominant Game 3 win in 24 minutes, completing the 2-1 series win.

Team ROCCAT next takes to the Rift to take on Fnatic on Thursday at 2 p.m. ET, while Misfits prepare to battle reigning EU LCS champions G2 Esports on Friday at 11 a.m. ET.