Cloud9 wins in double-OT to take ELEAGUE Major from FaZe Clan

Despite facing a heavy favorite in FaZe Clan, Cloud9 came away with a double-overtime victory at the ELEAGUE Boston Major on Sunday in Boston.

FaZe had dominated C9 in their last two best-of-three showings, but the underdogs came out with a victory this time and became the first North American team to win a Major in Counter-Strike history.

The first map of the best-of-three, picked by Cloud9, was Mirage. The home team came out of the gates running with an 8-1 scoreline, but FaZe came right back to even out the half 9-6. In a strong position to succeed, Cloud9 looked poised to win the first map with the Counter Terrorist-side that carried it to the Major final. But that was not to be, as FaZe came out fists flying with a 10-5 Terrorist-side half to win Mirage.

The situation was dire for Cloud9 as many thought that Mirage was a must-win for it given the fact that it is FaZe's best map, and the North American team scarcely play it. Yet the home team was not be denied, and it came out the gate strong with another 8-1 scoreline in the first half. This time, though, C9 didn't let off the gas and finished its CT-side with a dominant 12-3 half. As the teams switched sides, things started to look scary for C9 as FaZe started to mount a comeback. But despite the pressure mounting in an elimination match for them, the North-Americans pulled through and closed out the match 16-10.

The final map will be remembered for a long time to come as one of the greatest performances in Counter-Strike history. Cloud9 started strong for a third time in a row, but FaZe proceeded to shut the North American team out of the half with seven round wins in a row. Despite these frustrating losses, C9 adjusted just in time to squeak in seven rounds on the first half.

The second half was even crazier than the first. At first FaZe looked to have the upper hand, even grinding its way to championship point. But with strong entry-fragging and late-round heroics, Cloud9 brought it back to force overtime.

In overtime, Cloud9 managed to win the first three rounds and bring itself within championship point. Victory seemed assured, but FaZe won multiple rounds in a row with a single survivor and forced the map into a second overtime.

As championship point slipped out of its hands, the pressure was mounting to unimaginable levels for Cloud9. Many thought that the Americans wouldn't rally after losing such close rounds. But C9 wouldn't quit and won the next four rounds to close out the match 22-19, handing the team its first Major trophy and giving the home crowd its first North American Major champion.