Hassan "GOS" Spall on winning the Madden 18 NFL Club Championship

Imad Khan

Before the Philadelphia Eagles decimated the New England Patriots in a nailbiter of a game at Super Bowl LII on Sunday, Hassan "GOS" Spall took the Washington Redskins to beat Luminosity Gaming's Eric "Problem" Wright's Los Angeles Chargers in the grand finals of the Madden 18 NFL Club Championship.

GOS ended up walking away with $35,000 and tickets to the Super Bowl for beating Problem, who is considered to be one of the best Madden players of all time.

"I've been playing the game for three years competitively, and being at the top, it's just a great feeling," GOS said.

It took a lot of practice, but GOS got to the top by constantly playing against two other top Madden players, Musafa Jones and Echo Fox's Raidel "Joke" Brito. This win also secures GOS a spot in Ultimate League.

"It actually works out really well because they're in the opposite conference of me. I couldn't possibly play them until finals," GOS said.

Madden has been increasing in popularity ever since EA started investing in esports. But even then, viewership hasn't been as high as the other top games.

"I don't think Madden should be on Twitch. It should be on TV. It's going to cater more to the casual people rather than the hardcore gamers," GOS said.

It seems that Disney and ESPN agree. In January, it was announced that EA signed a multi-year deal with ESPN and Disney to broadcast Madden.

And as Madden's popularity grows, it's possible that not only esports teams will gain interest, but so might professional NFL teams. For GOS, a long-time Redskins fan, this might prove challenging, especially if a team like the Dallas Cowboys were to offer him a contract.

"It would be a tricky situation. I would say yes, obviously," GOS said. "It would be hard to turn down."