KSV falls to MVP, SKT takes down Jin Air

SK Telecom T1 continues its return to form with a win over MVP. Riot Games

MVP -- 2 KSV -- 1

MVP ended Sunday's action in League of Legends Champions Korea with a shocking 2-1 victory over KSV eSports.

When KSV (6-6) started the season with a big 2-0 victory over Kingzone DragonX (10-2), it looked as though the reigning World Champions were going to be the team to beat in the LCK this Spring. Ever since then, though, KSV has struggled to maintain its composure, even against the weakest of competition.

More shocking than the simple fact that MVP won this series was the way in which it managed to do so. In both of MVP's wins, it wasn't even close, as KSV seemed unsure of how to handle the attack. Game 1 saw top laner Kang "ADD" Geon-mo take Swain onto the Rift for the first time this season and absolutely dominate with the champion. The amount of engage and sustainability he had gave KSV fits and allowed his team to run away with the game from the early stages.

MVP then easily brushed off a narrow Game 2 loss to put KSV in a dumpster during the final game. Once it picked up back-to-back kills in the first seven minutes of the game, it was off to the races for MVP. By the time KSV finally picked up a kill at 18 minutes, MVP had already amassed a whopping eight kills. KSV simply looked confused and unsure of how to proceed, allowing MVP to once again run away with a win.

KSV, despite not changing a single member from its Worlds 2017 Championship roster, look like shells of their former selves. Gone is any semblance of the cohesion or decisive play that fans had become accustomed to. This poor play coupled with matchups against KT Rolster (9-3), Jin Air Green Wings (4-8), SK Telecom T1 (6-6) and Kingzone in the final three weeks begs the question of whether this team will even lock up a playoff spot this Spring.

KSV will try to bounce back against the bbq Olivers at 6 a.m. ET on Wednesday, while MVP hopes to pick up another win against the ROX Tigers at 6 a.m. ET on Tuesday.

--Wyatt Donigan

SKT -- 2 Jin Air -- 1

SK Telecom T1 continued its late-season resurgence with a 2-1 victory over the Jin Air Green Wings on Sunday in League of Legends Champions Korea.

Following a similar pattern to these teams meeting back in Week 1 of the Spring Split, SKT (6-6) overcame a mid-series slip-up this time to get its revenge on Jin Air (4-8). SKT is slated to compete against Kingzone DragonX (10-2) and KT Rolster (9-3) next week, so perhaps it's not surprising that SKT struggled a bit in this series.

Despite this, SKT got off to a strong start with a 37-minute win in Game 1, which proved to be the quickest game of the six between the two teams this spring. SKT paid no mind to passive, stalling-focused composition of Jin Air to pick up objective after objective on its way to the win. For all the good it did in that opening game, however, it was all unwritten with a sloppy performance in Game 2. Spearheading the sloppiness was rookie sensation, jungler Park "Blossom" Beom-chan, who struggled his way to a 0/8/5 KDA (kills/deaths/assists) on Jax. Jin Air punished the jungler early and often to run away with the early game. SKT attempted a comeback with a 33-minute Baron, but Jin Air eventually shrugged it off for the 50-minute win.

Forced into a decisive Game 3, SKT regained its composure with an incredibly lopsided contest that fell a single kill short of being the second perfect game in the LCK this split. Blossom recovered well and helped lead his team to victory by setting up his teammates all game long with his Zac. The win marked SKT's fifth in the last six outings as it is pushing to make the playoffs after a horrendous start to the season.

SKT won't have much time to bask in the win as it has to take on the LCK-leading Kingzone DragonX at 3 a.m. ET on Tuesday, while Jin Air will look for a recovery against Kongdoo Monster at 3 a.m. ET on Wednesday.

--Wyatt Donigan