Panda Global signs Street Fighter V pro Infiltration

Lee "Infiltration" Seon-woo announced his signing with Panda Global on-stage at the top-8 of Final Round on Sunday in Atlanta. Robert Paul

At Final Round 2018 in Atlanta, Lee "Infiltration" Seon-woo came out on stage not with his standard Monster Energy jersey, but in a Panda Global getup.

Infiltration let the world know that he had a new sponsor in Florida-based Panda Global, a team with the largest roster of players in the fighting game community, on Sunday during the top-8 at the marquee Georgia tournament. It was a dramatic entrance and a unique way to reveal his new sponsor.

"Panda Global has been dedicated to fighting games since we began, and we quickly became one of the biggest fighting game teams in the world," Panda Global CEO Dr. Alan Bunney said. "Infiltration's work ethic, dynamic personality and incredible skill fit Panda Global perfectly, and we already feel like he's one of us for how well we get along."

Infiltration has found the new partnership amenable, too.

"I've been playing fighting games for 10 years; Street Fighter and fighting games are my life," Infiltration said. "I'm so happy tell you guys I am part of Panda Global now."

Infiltration's hire comes after Victor "Punk" Woodley decided not to renew his contract earlier this month to pursue other opportunities as a free agent.

"Punk was very happy with us, but with everyone around him going into free agency, he wanted to try it out and see what happens," Bunney said. "If Punk decides to come back to PG at the end of his free agency, we'll welcome him with open arms back into the family."

Infiltration is a legend in Street Fighter, where he holds titles in multiple games across the franchise. He had a standout year in 2016: He not only took Evolution 2016, but Final Round, NorCal Regionals and Red Bull Kumite. His 2017 was a bit more subdued, as Infiltration took a brief hiatus to rework his strategy in the ever-evolving Street Fighter V meta.

But 2018 looks promising, as Infiltration was able to take home the inaugural Evo Japan belt earlier this January in Tokyo. And with the backing of Panda Global, Infiltration is enthusiastic about the upcoming year in Street Fighter.

"I will do my best in Street Fighter with my new friends," he said.