Flash Wolves improves to 4-0 at MSI; Liquid still winless

League Masters Series representative Flash Wolves improved to 4-0 in the Mid-Season Invitational group stage on Saturday in Berlin. Provided by Riot Games

League of Legends Master Series squad Flash Wolves dashed out to first place in groups with a 4-0 record by the end of Day 2 at the Mid-Season Invitational on Saturday in Berlin.

Directly behind Flash Wolves is Korea's Kingzone DragonX at a 3-1 record, followed by Europe's Fnatic and China's Royal Never Give Up sitting at 2-2. Vietnam's EVOS Esports is up next with a 1-3 record, with North America's Team Liquid bringing up the rear with a 0-4 record to its name.

The top team out of Taiwan's league, Flash Wolves capitalized on its momentum coming out of Day 1 and picked wins against North America's Team Liquid and China's Royal Never Give Up on Saturday. Both games saw the Flash Wolves adhere to the same recipe for success: pick Ezreal for AD carry Lu "Betty" Yu-Hung and protect him while he laid out an impossible-to-survive barrage of poke damage onto the enemy team.

Thus far in the event, no other region has demonstrated as advanced of a grasp on the meta nor proven able to adhere as strongly to a gameplan as the Flash Wolves. Whether the team's success thus far will be enough to take down MSI favorite Kingzone DragonX on Sunday is an open question, however, even after the South Korean powerhouse's embarrassing loss on Saturday.

Europe's representative, Fnatic, came back with a vengeance after a disappointing 0-2 start to the tournament and took victories against both Team Liquid and, shockingly, Kingzone. A combination of clever Level 1 planning and a truly outstanding performance from mid laner Rasmus "Caps" Winther on Corki led Fantic in what can only be described as a stomp.

Meanwhile, it already seems certain that Team Liquid will be exiting the Mid-Season Invitational in last place after another 0-2 performance. Support Kim "Olleh" Joo-sung's decision to bench himself after the team's performance Friday has only had a negative effect on the team's coordination, and if it didn't look like a team playing on autopilot on Day 1, it certainly did Saturday.