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Detroit Pistons
Credentials: Beat Lakers in five games. One of the year's best upsets.

Past ESPY's: none

Florida Marlins
Credentials: Won 2003 World Series. Improved from 79 wins in 2002. Third wild card team to win title.

Past ESPY's: none.

New England Patriots
Credentials: Super Bowl champions. Won 15 straight games to end season, which was the second longest streak in NFL history.

Past ESPY's: none

Tampa Bay Lightning
Credentials: One of NHL's worst teams for most of its 12-year existence, it joined 2001 Avalanche as only teams to overcome a 3-2 deficit in finals in 33 years.

Past ESPY's: none

UConn men's basketball
Credentials: NCAA champion. Finished with a 33-6 record.

Past ESPY's: none

UConn women's basketball
Credentials: NCAA champion for the third straight year. Finished with a 31-4 record.

Past ESPY's: none

past winners
'03 Anaheim Angels

'02 Los Angeles Lakers

'01 College and Pro honors were given in 2001

'00 USA Women's World Cup Soccer

'99 New York Yankees

'98 Denver Broncos

'97 New York Yankees

'96 UConn women's hoops

'95 New York Rangers

'94 Toronto Blue Jays

'93 Dallas Cowboys

The 2004 ESPY winners will be announced during the ESPY Awards on July 14, 2004 and on the ESPN telecast on July 18 at 9 p.m. ET.

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