ESPYS Voting, Round 2: Best Play 4 vs 5

Northwestern at the buzzer vs. Westbrook downing Nuggets at the buzzer (0:53)

Northwestern's Nathan Taphorn executes a perfect full-court pass to Dererk Pardon for a layup with 1.7 seconds left to beat Michigan 67-65, while Russell Westbrook completes the comeback with a 3-pointer at the buzzer to take down the Nuggets 106-105. (0:53)

Congratulations to Northwestern and Russell Westbrook their wins in Round 1. Vote now in Round 2 of our poll and come back on July 5th to see who faces off in the finals for the right to claim the ESPY.

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Best Play: All of these plays reigned on the SportsCenter Top 10, but which one will wear the ESPY crown? Vote in Round 2, then come back on July 5th to see who made it to the next level.

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