There are no ghosts in this Machine

It has been a month since the MLL Collegiate Draft and teams have trimmed their squads down to the final 23-man rosters. More than 30 collegiate draft picks were kept on rosters and 26 have played in games so far. Now that we've had time to digest the draft, it raises the question: Who made out well? On draft day we rated Chicago with the best draft, and that hasn't changed. Here is Inside Lacrosse Online Editor Adam O'Neill's take on the final cuts.

1. Chicago Machine

Who they kept:
1. Pat Heim, M, Penn State: 4 games played (7g, 4a)
5. Billy Looney, M, Navy: 3 games played (2g, 1a)
11. Jordan Hall, M, Delaware: 4 games played (1g, 2a)
15. Steve Whittenberg, D, Maryland: 4 games played (3gb)
20. Dan Kallaugher, FO/M, Loyola: 4 games played (1a, 65-117 on faceoffs)
24. Steve Panarelli, D, Syracuse: 3 games played (2 gbs)
28. Dan Deckelbaum, M, Delaware: 3 games played (3g, 0a)
45. Harry Alford, G, Maryland: 1 game played (9:31 seconds, 2 saves, 3 ga)

Who they didn't:

Nobody -- Chicago was the only team to keep all of its draftees.

No room for you (other cuts): When you add eight players to your roster, that means you have to make a lot of room. Among the casualties of this year's collegiate draft: Midfielders Robert Trasolini, Adam Hughes, Chris Malone and Dan Paccione, attackman Stephen Brundage, defenseman Greg Scott and goalie Larry Falkman.

Analysis: On draft day I said Chicago had the best draft and I'm sticking to it. Malone, Paccione and Brundage all played significant enough rolls last year to make you really analyze who the Machine kept. But while Malone had 21 points last season, he was little-used this year, netting just one assist in one game. The biggest issue with the Machine is the fact that they are so young. Head coach Lelan Rogers said he thinks they have as much talent as anyone else but the players need to adjust to playing together in a new environment. Chicago has the most youth by far, so there will be some growing pains, but it could all pay off in the end. Whether that is this year or next year remains to be seen.

Draft day grade: A-
Current grade: A

2. Rochester Rattlers

Who they kept:
3. Alex Smith, FO/M, Delaware: 3 games played (31 gbs, 61-110 on face-offs, 1a)
7. Greg Rommel, M, Syracuse: Has not played
13. Andrew Spack, M, Loyola: 2 games played (1g)
19. Matt Dasinger, M, Salisbury: 2 games played (1g, 2a)
23. Brian Clayton, M, Cornell: 1 game played (1g, 2a)

Who they didn't:
33. Joseph Thon, D, Mercyhurst
43. Chad Amidon, M, Nazareth

No room for you (other cuts): Attackmen Seth Goldberg and Peter Milliman and middie Stephen Hoar were all placed on waivers, making room for Smith, Spack and Dasinger. After the success of Smith, Greg Gurenlian was traded, leaving room for Clayton to be activated.

Analysis: On draft day I was very critical of drafting Greg Rommel so high. Here we are a month later and he is just about to see his first action this Saturday. I thought a guy like Jordan Hall, Andrew Spack, David Mitchell, Drew Thompson or Alex Buckley would have been smarter in this pick. Fortunately, the Rattlers got Spack, who has one goal through two games. Clearly the pick of the draft for Rochester is Alex Smith, who is almost 56 percent on faceoffs. Rochester has even been able to get production out of some of its lower picks, like Brian Clayton. The Rattlers clearly have one of the better drafts.

Draft day grade: B+
Current grade: B+

3. Boston Cannons

Who they kept:
2. Kip Turner, G, Virginia: Has not played
8. David Mitchell, A, Cornell: 4 games played (6g, 1a)
9. Ray Megill, D, Maryland: 4 games played (7 gbs)
21. Drew Thompson, M, Virginia: 4 games played (1a)
38. Brett Garber, M, UMass: Has not played

Who they didn't:
48. Dan Whipple, D, UMass

No room for you (other cuts): Spencer Wright played in one game this year and notched an assist, but other players placed on waivers (Nate Evans, Christopher Vallone) hadn't played this season.

Analysis: David Mitchell has been a great addition to the Cannons and is already an important piece of the team. Ray Megill should become a good MLL defenseman. I still think that Kip Turner at No. 2 was way too high (and that there were better goalies available at that point) but having Jake Coon in cage, who has the top save percentage in the MLL, might keep Turner out. Thompson might be the type of player to never have a big impact. This draft is Megill and Mitchell.

Draft day grade: B+
Current grade: B

4. Long Island Lizards

Who they kept:
10. Matt McMonagle, G, Cornell: Has not played
22. Frank Resetarits, A, Albany (through a trade): 1 game played (2g, 2a)
34. Nick Bonacci, A, Dartmouth: 2 games played (1a, no goals)

Who they didn't:
31. Adam Crystal, D, Drexel
41. Brian Hubschmann, A, Notre Dame

No room for you (other cuts): Joseph Canuso placed on waivers to make room for Frank Resetarits. Stephen Byrnes and Reyn Garnett both placed on waivers.

Analysis: Resetarits was one of my key picks in the draft. Because he dropped to the third round, I thought whoever got him was going to get a steal and a player who could have a very successful MLL career. Resetarits was drafted by Washington and traded to Long Island. He played in his first game last weekend, notching two goals and two assists, an impressive first outing. McMonagle has a great deal of potential and could have an impact down the line.

Draft day grade: B
Current grade: B-

5. Denver Outlaws

Who they kept:
4. Drew Westervelt, A, UMBC: 3 games played (5g, 8a)
29. Scott Sowanick, M, Princeton: Has not played
39. Jesse Schwartzman, G, Johns Hopkins: Has not played

Who they didn't:
14. Zach Jungers, D, Princeton
49. Peter Hein, M, Vermont

No room for you (other cuts): None of note

Analysis: Drew Westervelt has been a great addition to the Outlaws, tallying 13 points in just three games. A lot of people were surprised with how early he went in the draft, but he ended up being a great pick. With Trevor Tierney injured, the Outlaws activated Jesse Schwartzman, and you can expect him to see time this weekend. The one downside to the draft is Zach Jungers, who didn't make the final roster. It's never a good thing if a pick in the first two rounds doesn't make the final roster.

Draft day grade: C+
Current grade: C+

6. Los Angeles Riptide

Who they kept:
6. Greg Downing, M, Fairfield: 3 games played (3g, 0a)
12. Mitch Belisle, D, Cornell: 3 games played (6 gbs)
17. Alex Buckley, M, Brown: 2 games played (1 gb)

Who they didn't:
36. Julian Watts, D, Hofstra
46. Jim Borell, M, Maryland

No room for you (other cuts): None of note

Analysis: Downing is a first-round draft choice and has averaged a goal a game. That has to be a bit disappointing. I still think he's a player that can come along and do well in the league, though. Belisle has been a great addition but Buckley hasn't done much for them, tallying only one ground ball.

Draft day grade: B
Current grade: C

7. San Francisco Dragons

Who they kept:
16. Colin Hulme, D, Colgate: 4 games played (7 gbs)
18. Jake Byrne, A, Johns Hopkins: 3 games played (2g)

Who they didn't:
37. Chris Heier, D, Salisbury
47. Andrew Recchione, M, UMass

No room for you (other cuts): Goalie Aaron Fenton and Joe Drodge were placed on waivers and directly affected by the draft.

Analysis: Hulme has been a great addition to the Dragons and Byrne has become a role player, netting two goals in three games for San Francisco. The Dragons did OK for the picks they had.

Draft day grade: C-
Current grade: C

8. Washington Bayhawks

Who they kept:
26. Ricky Smith, D, Virginia: 1 game played (2 gbs)
44. Eric Pittard, A, Cornell: 1 game played (2g, 1a)

Who they didn't:
22. Frank Resetarits, A, Albany (traded)
32. John Henry Flood, FO/M, Harvard
42. Luis Gonzalez, M, Salisbury

No room for you (other cuts): Resetarits was traded to Long Island for Ryan Moran.

Analysis: Unfortunately for Pittard, he's joined a team with a lot of good attackmen (Matt Ward, Conor Gill, Andrew Combs, Tom Marechek), so there isn't much room for him down there. Ricky Smith played in his first game a week ago, but has since been traded to Long Island. And Ryan Moran hasn't played since June 15. Overall, not a very effective draft for Washington.

Draft day grade: B-
Current grade: C-

9. New Jersey Pride

Who they kept:
25. Chris Colliniates, FO/M, Villanova: 2 games played (44-92 on faceoffs, 1 goal, 1 assist)

Who they didn't:
35. Ryan Hotaling, A, Nazareth

No room for you (other cuts): None of note

Analysis: There were a few players that could have been a better selections for New Jersey. And Colliniates is just 48 percent on faceoffs, not the kind of performance you want out of your faceoff man.

Draft day grade: D
Current grade: F

10. Philadelphia Barrage

Who they kept:
No one -- the Barrage don't have any of their draft picks on the current roster.

Who they didn't:
27. Peter Trombino, A, Princeton
30. Ian Dingman, A, Navy
40. Mike Graham, D, Loyola
50. Mike Fillipone, M, Drexel

No room for you (other cuts): None of note

Analysis: Philly has had a pretty inactive month on the transaction wire. It is the same team it was before the college draft.

Draft day grade: C
Current grade: D (it'd be an F but they did their best with what they had to work with)