Ribeiro faces Calvancanti in lightweight semifinals

The official announcement by Fight Entertainment Group that its Sept.
17 HERO's lightweight tournament semifinals would put Brazilians Vitor
Ribeiro and Gesias Calvancanti came as no surprise to Shaolin, a Nova
União black belt.

In fact, Ribeiro, a top-five-ranked 155-pound fighter, stated he was
already training to face his countryman in the Japan-based event.

"My training won't change much after this announcement," Ribeiro said
of Calvancanti (12-1-1), last year's tournament champion. "I'll work on
my weaker points and on his game. Now I'll work hard. I have three
weeks ahead. I'll focus myself and hope everything run well."

Shaolin emphasized his teammates' support and his belief that their
dedication will help him win.

"Everybody is training together, a unified team," said Ribeiro, who
holds an impressive 19-1-0 record. "Everybody is helping and this made
training the hardest; everybody knows this fight is very important to
me, so they are helping me a lot. The training has been very productive
for me."

Bustamante speaks about BTT's new horizons

Contradicting rumors about a Brazilian Top Team breakup, Murilo
Bustamante spoke about the changes in the leadership of the team and
how he is fixing things since Zé Mário Sperry, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira departed the successful Brazilian camp.

"Every team goes through changes," Bustamante said. "BTT will only
close its doors after my death. We are serious people. Zé Mário is
going to live in the U.S. to make his old dreams come true: starting a
business on his own. But he is still a partner in BTT, the same way
Ricardo Liborio was when he went to ATT, and we are still friends."

Regarding the Nogueira brothers, Bustamante said he has tried to reach
Minotauro to talk, but hasn't heard back from the former PRIDE
heavyweight champion who recently made a successful UFC debut.

Even still, Bustamante said has nothing but the best wishes for the
fighting brothers.

The BJJ black belt, who currently splits the leadership of BTT with
only Luis Roberto Duarte, spoke about some changes regarding athletes
working with outside management.

"We will ask for professional behavior by our MMA team, which includes
their managers also," said Bustamante. "The managers who want to work
with us will have our doors open, but they'll have to work with

About the first Mo Team League event in July, which saw his Wildfire
boys win, the former UFC middleweight champion was happy with the

"My athletes have my congratulations," he said. "We had great
performances in every match. I'm glad to be in the finals. It was a
great show."

Predador FC 6 full card announced

Predador FC revealed the full card for its sixth edition, which will
be held on Aug. 25. There will be eight matches, including three title
fights and super-fight bringing Gustavo Machado "Ximu" versus Jorge
Patino "Macaco."

The fights will take place in an octagon and Sherdog.com will be there
to cover the card.

Full lineup:
Sergio Vieira (Ryan Gracie) vs. Gilmar China (Combat Sports)
Mauricio Alonso (Ryan Gracie) vs. Gilberto Galvao (BTT)
Pedro Irie (Ichigeki) vs. Carlos Galvao Caiçara (Brasa)
Vagner Curio (Macaco Gold Team) vs. Thiago "Jambo" (Ataque
Duplo/Minotauro Team)

170-pound title fight
Ricardo Maximo (Nine Nine) vs. Mauro Xuxa (Brasa)

183-pound title fight
Marcio Barao (Ryan Gracie) vs. Rafael Motta (Macaco Gold Team)

205-pound title fight
Fabio Silva (Chute Boxe) vs. Claudio Godoi (Sit Master Roney)

Gustavo Machado "Ximu" (Gordo JJ) vs. Jorge Patino "Macaco" (Chute Boxe)

Azevedo takes on his flight to UFC 75

Luciano Azevedo barely had time to celebrate his shining performance in
opening MTL event before jumping on a plane to London last Monday

Azevedo, joined by his teammate Julian Jabá, traveled to the Old
Country specifically to train Liverpool's Terry Etim, who will face
Gleison Tibau at UFC 75 on Sept. 8 in London. In addition to training
Etim, Azevedo will also be in his fellow lightweight's corner for the

"My agency [B-TOUGH] is dealing with them and I believe at the right
time I will have my chance to show my skills in the UFC," said Azevedo.
"As Terry is a member of our team, I want to help him the most I can.
He will hold the banner from our team there, RFT, inside that octagon,"
the PRIDE veteran said before boarding the plane.

Real Fight brings two tournaments, one Super-Fight

The Real Fight organization announced the full card for its fourth
edition, which will be held next Saturday at São José dos Campos. Real
Fight 4 feature two tournaments and one international fight matching
Japan's Endo Makoto against Brazilian Aloisio Baiano.

Full card:
161-pound tournament
Erivaldo Caico (BTT) vs. Caca Lima (Macaco Gold Team)
Johil de Oliveira (Johil Team) vs. Aloisio Dado (Gordo JJ)

183-pound fight
Aloisio Baiano (Chute Boxe) vs. Endo Makoto (Lótus Japão)

205-pound tournament
Paulo Streckert (Macaco GT) vs. Lucas Lopes (ATT)
Vinicius Queiroz (Chute Boxe) vs. Danilo Motoserra (Gordo JJ)

Zuluzinho could fight in Storm GP

Following four PRIDE matches that saw him go 1-3, Wagner "Zuluzinho" da
Conceicao Martins might participate in the second Storm Heavyweight
Grand Prix, slated to commence in October.

His managers and Storm organization are close to signing a contract and
chances are Zuluzinho will fight again in Brazil this year. The
tournament winner will take a brand new car as the prize.

"I hope my managers and my agency make a deal to Storm organization. If
I get inside this Grand Prix, I will win. And I will be back to Belém,
packed tightly inside that car," said the 390-pound fighter.

Brazilian conquers world Muay Thai title

Cosmo Alexandre competed Aug. 12 for the 159-pound World
Muay Thai Professional Federation title against Frenchman Bibi
Sitjaipetch. Alexandre was also the first Brazilian to participate at
the traditional Queen's Birthday celebration.

A ring staged at Sanam Luang Plaza in Bangkok, Thailand, hosted
high-level bouts and was home for Alexandre when he was crowned the
first Brazilian professional Muay Thai champion.

The Brazilian imposed his rhythm throughout the fight, and in the third
round Alexandre knocked Sitjaipetch down after a left hook followed a
right straight. With the Frenchman back on his feet, Cosmo punished him
with knees and elbows until the referee stopped the title contest.

After this amazing performance, the Brazilian will fight again Sept. 1
in New Zealand, and then he will return to Thailand to compete in his
biggest challenge, the reality television show "It's Show Time
Reality," which will air in December on the European network.

News and notes

The Kobushi, the lead agency behind Demolition Fight, will hold São
Paulo's first amateur Shootboxing event on Sept. 8. Two Japanese
officials will be brought in to referee. … Last Saturday in Curitiba,
Fight Spirit featured MMA and Muay Thai bouts. Heralded as a new Chute
Boxe star, Junior Santos defeated Araripe Boi by triangle choke in the
first round.

Gleidson Venga covers MMA in Brazil for Sherdog.com.