Dana White: 125-pound class coming

The UFC is planning to add 125-pound fighters to its roster.

UFC president Dana White announced Thursday the organization will add an eighth weight division likely by the end of 2011.

"We're going to add the 125-pound division very soon," White said. "We have to get out there and create the division -- bring guys in, sign them, put on fights, decide who the best is and have a title fight."

Bantamweight, at 135 pounds, is currently the lightest division in UFC.

Few details are available on when the new weight class might debut. When asked if it would take place by the end of the year, however, White responded "yes."

He also left the door open to a proposal of deciding the first UFC flyweight champion through a tournament format -- a style the organization has historically shied away from.

"Maybe you could do that," White said. "There's a lot of options you can do."

White was unsure exactly how many fighters it would take to create the new division, but did speculate a majority of the talent would come from outside the United States. It's also expected a handful of UFC bantamweights will drop down to 125.

"I think what happens is we'll see more Asians and Hispanics," White said. "Guys who normally dominate those weight divisions."

Brett Okamoto covers mixed martial arts for ESPN.com.