Moments that Ruined Major Fights

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No.2: Shamrock out, Kimbo knocked out

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Hours before Ken Shamrock was set to fight legitimized street brawler Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson on a wet night in Sunrise, Fla., the veteran fighter was cut during what he claimed was a grappling session with a sparring partner. The fight, which was set to be the main event on a CBS- televised card, was axed, prompting a scramble to find someone, anyone, to take on Slice. Though Frank Shamrock offered his services (and later said he thought his adopted brother cut himself intentionally to get out of the fight), Seth Petruzelli got the call and needed just 14 seconds to score a stunning knockout. The promotion, Elite XC, soon went out of business. CBS wouldn't broadcast another MMA card. And Slice went and washed out of the UFC.