freeskiNo de-Cline in women's Skier X

MOUNT SNOW, Vt. -- For most skiers, breaking both arms, dislocating a shoulder and tearing a rotator cuff would be enough to hang up the skis for the winter, if not for good. But not for Aleisha Cline.

Last summer Cline was involved in a bike crash while riding in Santa Barbara, Calif., with her boyfriend, pro mountain bike downhiller Shaums March. But after having surgery and going through general rehab, Cline is ready to race again.
Aleisha Cline
Cline took a nasty spill Thursday.
"I've been nervous and a little timid." said Cline, "I told my doctor to watch the X Games to see if I need a new appointment, I'll wait and see if he calls."

Cline tried to repeat her gold medal performance from last year's Skier X, but failed to do so on Thursday when she took a nasty spill in which both skis fell off during the final race. Nonetheless, she finished in sixth place. (Anik Demers of Quebec took the women's Skier X gold.)

"I'm a little disappointed, but s--- happens. That's what skiercross is all about," Cline said.

Despite her injury-plagued season, Cline plans to do a lot more racing this year. She has already participated in two events prior to this one -- the Gravity Games and a IFSA World Tour event where she finished third. Her next stop will be Colorado to participate in a skiercross freestyle event.

The 5-foot-8, 145-pound Cline said she does feel some lingering effects from her injuries, but she has never thought about quitting.

"I know my skills and am confident in my ability. I'll be back."

 Aleisha Cline goes down hard during Skier X finals.
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