Ask Steven: Was the wrong anthem really played when Jordan won their first Grand Prix?

Michael Cooper /Allsport

Am I right in thinking that the wrong national anthem was played when Jordan won their first Grand Prix? asked George Brennan

Jordan's long-awaited first Grand Prix victory came courtesy of Damon Hill in a rain-affected race in Belgium in 1998. Just to make Eddie Jordan's day, Hill's team-mate Ralf Schumacher followed him home for a 1-2. But it's true that the wrong national anthem was played as Hill stood on the podium: Jordan is a proud Irishman, and his racing team was registered as Irish, but "God Save the Queen" rang out.

"I wrote to them after the race to complain and they were very apologetic,'' Jordan said afterwards. "They knew we were registered and affiliated to the FIA as an Irish team and that it was their obligation to play our national anthem, but they said they couldn't find it. And not having won a race before, it was easy to understand why it mightn't have been on top of the pile."

Jordan won again the following year in France, with Heinz-Harald Frentzen at the wheel, and that time the right anthem was played. "It was a very nice moment," admitted Eddie.

Something similar happened when Red Bull won their first Grand Prix, in China in 2009: although their headquarters is in Britain, Red Bull are officially an Austrian team - but "God Save the Queen" was played again.