Felipe Massa warns Max Verstappen to 'be careful' with what he says after 'Brazilian' comments

Felipe Massa has warned Max Verstappen to "be careful" about what he says to the media after making a joke about Brazilian people during the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Verstappen was unhappy with Massa after qualifying in Sakhir, saying the Brazilian driver had impeded him at the end of the all-important out-lap before his last flying attempt. When asked on Saturday evening if he planned to talk to Massa about the incident, Verstappen quipped: "Well, he's a Brazilian so there's not much to discuss!"

Though the comment appeared to be made light-heartedly, it prompted Massa to approach the Red Bull teenager later in the weekend.

Speaking to Brazilian radio station UOL Esporte on Sunday night after the race, Massa said: "I told him earlier today, 'Be careful with your words because you will have a Brazilian Grand Prix at the end of year and you will have to race there. So be careful what you say'.

"Without a doubt, it was not right to speak about Brazilians without even knowing what he was talking about."

The incident in question saw Massa "dive in front of" Verstappen at the final corner as both men were preparing for their final runs in Q3. Verstappen had to then back off through the corner to allow a gap, something he said left him with cold tyres and compromised his lap.

Massa is confused by the criticism and thinks the 19-year-old was looking for someone to blame after being out-qualified by teammate Daniel Ricciardo.

"He didn't know what he was talking about, because I didn't do anything that bothered him. he wanted to find a reason for being beaten by his teammate - and he needed someone to blame.

"I told him, 'The same thing happened between [Nico] Hulkenberg] and myself, and did you see anyone complaining?' Before you start a lap, you have to be in the best possible position. If you are not able to do that, it's your own fault."