Radio Ga Ga: Russian Grand Prix

ESPN rounds up the best soundbites from Sochi as F1's Finns Valtteri Bottas and Kimi Raikkonen starred on track and on race radio.

"This is incredible. The Force India that just passed me, it was so far behind."

It's not just Fernando Alonso complaining about Honda's deficiency over the radio -- teammate Stoffel Vandoorne got in on the action during Friday practice in Sochi.

"There's a bloke standing in front of me. Move!"

Kimi Raikkonen, waiting to leave the pit lane during practice, is baffled by the behaviour of a marshal standing in front of him.

"That was a Sebastian Vettel lap!"

Ferrari congratulate Sebastian Vettel on his pole position -- Ferrari's first since the German's exploits at the 2015 Singapore Grand Prix.

"Try three times please, Fernando..."
"I try already, so try yourself."

With his Honda engine malfunctioning on the formation lap, McLaren tries to talk a tetchy Fernando Alonso through what he needs to do to save the car. He ends up retiring before reaching the grid. The Indy 500 cannot come soon enough....

"Ok, so basically Palmer just turned into me. I don't know where he was looking."

Though the stewards eventually declared it a racing incident, Romain Grosjean made no secret of who he felt was to blame for his Turn 2 clash with Jolyon Palmer on the opening lap.

"Did you talk to Charlie? It cannot be right!"

Stress levels were high in the other Haas, too, with Kevin Magnussen pleading with Haas to look into his five-second track limits penalty with FIA race director Charlie Whiting. He eventually served it and finished outside the points.

"Why is my car overheating guys? I'm out of the race now..."

Lewis Hamilton endured a puzzling weekend in the No. 44 Mercedes and faded almost as soon as the lap one drama had finished. With his engine overheating, the three-time world champion seemed to have seen the writing on the wall.

"We are 9.5s behind Bottas, and eight-tenths a lap faster..."
"What do you mean, we are behind Bottas!? How did we end up behind him when we did a stop earlier?"
"He was leading the race, Kimi..."
"Ah OK. I thought they were the other way around."

Some more Kimi Raikkonen comedy, this time over a misunderstanding about which Mercedes had jumped him and teammate Sebastian Vettel into Turn 1. Never change, Kimi.

"The remaining laps, I want less talking on the radio."

With Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari getting bigger and bigger in his mirrors, Valtteri Bottas asks for radio silence from Mercedes as the pressure ramps up in the final laps.

"YES! Brilliant, well done."
"Haha! F--- me, took quite a while, huh?"

Race engineer Tony Ross celebratesBottas' win, before the Finn lets the emotion out after securing a grand prix victory at the 81st attempt.