Radio Ga Ga: Spanish Grand Prix

ESPN rounds up the best soundbites from Barcelona as Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton didn't hold back on track or on team radio.

"The engine feels good. Much slower than before. Amazing"

After completing just three corners in first practice, Fernando Alonso has more unwanted feedback on the Honda engine during second practice.

"Oh I f----- up the chicane, I f----- up the chicane. [Censored] [Censored]. Sorry guys, I had it, I had it, but at the last chicane I lost. I missed the apex in 14 all weekend. Sorry guys."

Sebastian Vettel takes the blame for missing out on pole position by 0.051s to Lewis Hamilton.

"I can give a little bit more if you need, but ... [heavy breathing]"

One of many breathless messages from the cockpit of car 44 during the Spanish Grand Prix.

"We're currently thinking target plus eight..."
"Yeah, I can do plus eight, but it's going to be really, really slow because the front is going."

The moment Valtteri Bottas realises his strategy is being compromised to help Lewis Hamilton win the race. Engineer Tony Ross tells him he will be going eight laps longer than planned on his first set of soft tyres regardless of the increasing levels of front left tyre degradation and lost lap time.

"I crashed with Massa, sorry."

Stoffel Vandoorne's mea culpa after a clumsy defence against Felipe Massa results in broken suspension.

"Unbelievable! He pushed the car over on me, man. That's crazy!"

... Massa wasn't too pleased about it either.

"That was dangerous ... I was more than alongside him. I was half alongside him and he pushed me wide."

Hamilton's reaction to his first wheel-to-wheel battle with Vettel of 2017. The two drivers touched as Vettel exited the pits and forced Hamilton wide at Turn 1. But it wasn't over yet ...

"No chance, no chance. He was like a train."

Six laps later and Hamilton makes a move stick around the outside of Vettel on the run down to Turn 1. Vettel reports that he had no defence.

"Why does it have to be Massa all the time?"

Vettel loses time while lapping Massa for the second race in a row.

"I think he's afraid of me, man!"

... but Massa sees the funny side.