London demo run: who did it best?

Brawn and Button want to reignite fans' love of racing (1:09)

Ross Brawn and Jenson Button praise the impact of F1 London Live with helping to recapture the fans' love of racing. (1:09)

We rate the performances of the drivers who took part in Formula One's demo run along London's Whitehall on Wednesday

Daniel Ricciardo - 10/10

Car: Red Bull show car
Engine: V8

It started well when he exited the pits in a 360-degrees spin, with the ear-piercing shriek of a Renault V8 behind him. From that point onwards he spent more time on opposite lock than off it as his Red Bull fishtailed up and down Whitehall. He dutifully stopped at the traffic lights before performing donuts for the crowd at both Horse Guards Parade and in front of the entrance to the pits. The car looked out of control more often than it looked under control, but underpinning it was a wealth of driving talent. The crowd loved it.

Valtteri Bottas - 9/10

Car: Mercedes W07
Engine: V6 turbo hybrid

With a quieter engine at his disposal, Bottas had to make up for it with his driving. But unlike Ricciardo, Bottas' performance was all about precision with a clean slide as he exited the pits and a neat pirouette at Horse Guards parade. He saved the best until last, with a burnout as he headed south on Whitehall and a huge slide as he turned 180 degrees through Horse Guards Parade. Then came donuts in one direction and another before he returned to the pits to cheers from the crowd.

Stoffel Vandoorne - 8/10

McLaren-Honda MP4-6 (ex-Ayrton Senna)
Engine: V12

His first run was fairly subdued but the sound of the V12 was enough to bring a smile to fans in the crowd. It seems he was sticking to the pre-demo briefing of no dounts on his first run, because his second included a slide out of the pits and a series of precision donuts at Horse Guards Parade. An impressive effort with priceless 26-year-old technology underneath him.

Sebastian Vettel - 7.5/10

Car: Ferrari SF15T
Engine: V6 turbo hybrid

It started slowly as he nearly clipped his front wing on the kerbs exiting the pit lane, but he was soon able to let loose. He was the first to fill London's air with tyre smoke as he conducted a nicely performed donut at Horse Guards Parade, paving the way for the rest of the drivers to put on a dramatic show for the fans. When he was asked after the event about ignoring the briefing notes on not doing donuts, he replied "I must have missed that bit..."

Pascal Wehrlein - 6/10

Car: Sauber C32
Engine: V8

The first of the modern F1 cars to hit the circuit, he kept to the rules of not lighting up the rears too much. There was no tyre smoke from his donut at the entrance of Horse Guards Parade, but the sound of the high-revving V8 was enough to get the crowd going.

Jenson Button - 3/10

Car: Minardi two-seater
Engine: V10

His run only lasted half a lap before a half donut at the entrance to Horse Guard Parade cut the engine. He gave it plenty of revs and lit up the rears as he tipped the car into the spin, but the sudden silence led to cheers and jeers from the crowd.

Lance Stroll - 1/10

Car: Williams FW36
Engine: V6 turbo hybrid

Try as he might, Stroll just couldn't master the Horse Guards Parade hairpin. On three separate occasions he had to bring his Williams to a halt so as not to hit the barriers and was then pushed back by mechanics to allow him to complete the turn. It was particularly embarrassing on the multi-car show run at the end when he created a four-car deep traffic jam as his fellow drivers waited for the Williams to be manhandled back into position.