Kimi Raikkonen: We could have gone faster in F1 testing

F1 pre-season testing is over! (2:10)

Week two of pre-season testing is complete, so here's the highlights of what happened, in tweet form. (2:10)

MONTEMELO, Spain -- Kimi Raikkonen is confident the Ferrari could have set a faster lap time during pre-season testing at the Circuit de Catalunya if it wanted to.

Raikkonen and his teammate Sebastian Vettel set the fastest two times of the week, with a margin of over 0.5s to the next fastest driver, McLaren's Fernando Alonso. But comparisons with Ferrari's main rivals Mercedes and Red Bull are harder to make as neither of the latter two teams tested the hyper-soft compound used by Raikkonen and Vettel for their fastest laps.

Based on Pirelli's calculations for the differences in performance between its compounds and the fastest times during the final day, Mercedes could have set a theoretical lap time of 1:16.2 on the hyper-softs, which would have been roughly 0.8s quicker than Ferrari. But Raikkonen, a veteran of 15 years in F1, says there is no point in reading too much into the times until the opening round of the season in Australia.

"We will see in two weeks [who is fastest]," Raikkonen said. "I am sure if we want to go faster we can go faster, but it doesn't mean anything here.

"In two weeks where everybody knows where everyone is, but until that we are only guessing like we were before the testing started, so let's wait and see."

Despite losing track time to poor weather conditions last week and falling ill at the start of this week, Raikkonen said he was satisfied with his fortnight in Spain.

"I guess you always wishing a bit more here and there, laps and trying things," he said. "It doesn't matter how many laps you do, you are always kind of wondering.

"There's endless possibilities to try things, but it doesn't mean it's a good thing to try a million things. For sure far from perfect with the weather last week. I was ill but I think in the end we had a decent day, pretty OK feeling it's not too bad. We are fine with it.

"We will see obviously in the next two weeks where we are in the end. But yeah, a pretty positive day."