Radio Ga Ga: Chinese Grand Prix

Things we learnt in China (0:46)

Jennie Gow takes a closer look at the three things we've learnt following the 2018 Chinese Grand Prix. (0:46)

A round-up of the best radio soundbites from the Chinese Grand Prix, where Red Bull drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen made headlines for very different reasons.

"That was magic, man!"

Sergio Perez celebrates after qualifying eighth for Force India, the teams best Saturday performance of the season so far.

"See you f---ing later son!"
"Alright. Don't get greedy now mate. That's good, settle down."

After dispatching Kimi Raikkonen around the outside of Turn 4 on the opening lap Max Verstappen gives a memorable sign-off -- only to be reminded to keep his emotions in check by the Red Bull pit wall. Given how his afternoon unfolded from there, it was clearly an instruction he had forgotten later in the race.

"Sorry to lose a place guys. Kimi was quite aggressive."

A deflated Lewis Hamilton apologises to Mercedes for a rather passive start which saw him drop to fifth and get blocked by Kimi Raikkonen later in the lap.

"Let Kevin by before [Turn] 14..."
"F--- come on, it's lap six!"

Romain Grosjean complains about being issued a team order to release Kevin Magnussen -- who had started the race on a different tyre and strategy -- in the early stages of the race.

"What the f--- he closed the door!"

Pierre Gasly fumes at the driving Toro Rosso teammate Brendon Hartley -- who he was expecting to move aside -- after what turned out to be the decisive moment of the race, colliding at the penultimate corner. The crash, which triggered the Safety Car, was later put down to a miscommunication between the Toro Rosso pit wall and its drivers.

"Is it me or I have got a bunch of cars that have new tyres on behind me?"

Despite struggling for pace Hamilton shows his acute situational awareness is alive and well -- as the pack drives to the speed of the Safety Car, he correctly questions why the Red Bulls behind him seem poised to attack with fresh rubber.

"Shoot, why didn't we stop for new tyres?"
"Because then they would be in front of you."

The four-time world champion then asks why Mercedes did not mirror its decision to stop under the Safety Car and is told the team's concerns about sacrificing track position. It would ultimately leave him powerless to stop the Red Bull drivers charging through.

"I don't think I need to say anything here...."

In contrast to some of his angrier radio meltdowns in recent years, Sebastian Vettel calmly complains about Max Verstappen after the young Dutchman hit his Ferrari in the closing stages.

"Get it girl! Get it."

After his incredible pass on Valtteri Bottas for the lead, which saw him squeezed into the corner, Ricciardo, who had been uncharacteristically quiet on the radio until then, celebrates in a way only he really could.

"Hahahaha! Wooohooohooo! Yes boys. Holy s---"

The Australian celebrates with a mix of disbelief and joy as he crosses the line to take the sixth win of his career.