Lewis Hamilton calls Spanish GP victory 'a rejuvenating experience'

Advantage Mercedes as Ferrari falters (1:33)

Jonathan Legard looks back on a disastrous race for Ferrari, while rival Mercedes seals a 1-2 in Spain. (1:33)

BARCELONA, Spain -- Lewis Hamilton said he will "sleep like a baby" after claiming a convincing victory at the Spanish Grand Prix.

Victory never looked in doubt for Hamilton after he successfully led away from pole into Turn 1, beating Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas by 20 seconds. In the process he also extended his championship lead over Sebastian Vettel to 17 points.

Hamilton had been propelled to the top of the standings with a fortuitous victory in Azerbaijan and he felt the dominant nature of his Barcelona drive was exactly what he needed.

"I think today has been a rejuvenating experience," he said. "People probably think it was an easy race and I was cruising but I wasn't cruising.

"I was comfortable but at no point did I feel like I was going to lose it. I was pushing every single lap using it as a test bench to understand what I liked about the balance and how can I play with it more and how can I squeeze more out of it and do all sorts to understand what more I can get from.''

When asked if the victory felt more satisfying than the one in Baku, he said: "Yes, it is the greatest feeling to come here and have that kind of performance and then win convincingly. That is what anybody with a win wants to do, do it that way.

"It is definitely a great, great feeling and I think you could probably see form my energy when I got out the car. I don't know how I managed to fit in the training in between all the other things that I do but I was pretty fresh after the race. That is another positive but I think not every win doesn't feel as great as that one does.

"To think that is my 64th, it still feels like a first, special and unique in its own way. The journey to it is why it feels unique on its own but that is encouraging for me because I've been racing a long time so to still have that feeling when I have that win. That happiness and that uplift from inside that I have that feeling. I am going to sleep like a baby tonight because I know I did my job this weekend to the maximum and I didn't leave anything on the table so there is no better feeling."