Ten lists of 10

These are 10 lists. Each of them has 10 items. When you put them together, it's 10 lists … of 10.

List 1: Pitchers who are better than their surface stats and are due for a turnaround:

1. Matt Garza (.332 BABIP, 64.4 LOB%, 2.90 xFIP)
2. Edwin Jackson (.352 BABIP, 70.4 LOB%, xFIP 3.37)
3. Chad Billingsley (.338 BABIP, 70.7 LOB%, xFIP 3.36)
4. Madison Bumgarner (.333 BABIP, 66.7 LOB%, 3.47 xFIP)
5. Ricky Nolasco (.333 BABIP, 67.8 LOB%, 3.38 xFIP)
6. Ryan Dempster (.331 BABIP, 68.1 LOB%, 3.38 xFIP)
7. Ubaldo Jimenez (.308 BABIP [career .281]), 64 LOB%, 3.80 xFIP)
8. Brian Duensing (.333 BABIP, 64.1 LOB%, 3.96 xFIP)
9. Chris Carpenter (.327 BABIP, 67.5 LOB%, 3.34 xFIP)
10. Chris Narveson (.303 BABIP, 68.1 LOB%, 3.42 xFIP)

Notes: All stats from FanGraphs.com. LOB% is left-on-base percentage. League norm is about 71 percent. xFIP is expected fielding-independent percentage and is considered a good indicator of future ERA.

List 2: Potential call-ups I would stash in deeper leagues:

1. Desmond Jennings, OF, Rays
2. Kyle Gibson, SP, Twins
3. Paul Goldschmidt, 1B, Diamondbacks
4. Kyle Weiland, SP, Red Sox
5. Dayan Viciedo, 3B, White Sox
6. Zack Cozart, SS, Reds
7. David Phelps, SP, Yankees
8. David Carpenter, SP, Astros
9. Alex Presley, OF, Pirates
10. Trayvon Robinson, OF, Dodgers

List 3: Hitters I would have no issue dropping or I've bailed on this year:
(Suggested by Bruce Bentley on my Facebook page)

1. Justin Morneau, 1B, Twins
2. Chone Figgins, 2B/3B, Mariners
3. Mike Moustakas, 3B, Royals
4. Raul Ibanez, OF, Phillies
5. Jason Bay, OF, Mets
6. Geovany Soto, C, Cubs
7. Ryan Ludwick, OF, Padres
8. Derek Jeter, SS, Yankees
9. Nick Markakis, OF, Orioles
10. Grady Sizemore, OF, Indians

List 4: My summer-movie league list:

Every year, I do a summer-movie league pool with my college buddies. And Chris Jericho. Yes, the wrestler. Seriously. One guy in the league is friends with him. He's terrible at the game but very funny with the smack talk. Anyway, we pick the 10 movies we think will make the most money between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This year, sequels or franchises (like "Planet of the Apes" or "X-Men") were not allowed. I discussed this in depth (along with making a bet I very much don't want to lose) with Michelle Beadle on her podcast. Much fun. Anyway, here's my list of movies.

1. "Green Lantern"
2. "Super 8"
3. "Cowboys & Aliens"
4. "Captain America"
5. "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark"
6. "Larry Crowne"
7. "Zookeeper"
8. "The Help"
9. "Conan the Barbarian" (A sleeper pick by the Current Mrs. Roto. You have to have one surprising movie to win this thing, so this is our dark horse. We'll see.)
10. "Bad Teacher"

List 5: Hitters with so-so overall stats but who have played much better in June:
(All stats for June only)

1. Alexi Casilla, 2B, Twins: .329, 12 runs, 2 homers, 8 RBIs, 6 stolen bases
2. Carlos Pena, 1B, Cubs: .227 (which is decent for him), 7 HR, 14 RBI
3. Aubrey Huff, 1B, Giants: .316, 9 R, 4 HR, 14 RBI
4. Ty Wigginton, 3B, Rockies: .274, 11 R, 4 HR, 11 RBI
5. Miguel Olivo, C, Mariners: 7 HR, 16 RBI and, um, a .221 batting average
6. Scott Rolen, 3B, Reds: .294, 1 HR, 12 RBI
7. Xavier Paul, OF, Pirates: .311, 10 R, 1 HR, 9 RBI, 6 SB
8. Angel Pagan, OF, Mets: .282, 9 R, 1 HR, 11 RBI, 5 SB
9. Roger Bernadina, OF, Nationals: .318, 9 R, 3 HR, 8 RBI, 3 SB
10. Mark Reynolds, 3B, Orioles: .345, 13 R, 6 HR, 13 RBI, 1 SB

List 6: Pitchers with interesting home/road splits whom you can spot-start:
(Suggested by Curtis Hatfield on my Facebook page)
These guys are not without danger, and many of them don't have great strikeout-to-walk ratios (which I've included, so you know what you're getting into), but there are some fairly available names you can start in the right situation.

1. Bud Norris, Astros: (at home): 2.10 ERA, 1.12 WHIP, 58/25 K/BB in 60 innings
2. Paul Maholm, Pirates (at home): 2.12 ERA, 1.10 WHIP, 35/20 K/BB in 51 innings
3. Clayton Richard, Padres (at home): 2.25 ERA, 1.15 WHIP, 23/13 K/BB in 40 innings
4. Nick Blackburn, Twins (at home): 2.40 ERA, 1.31 WHIP, 23/11 K/BB in 41 1/3 innings
5. Livan Hernandez, Nationals (at home): 2.48 ERA, 1.05 WHIP, 33/6 KBB in 54 1/3 innings
6. Brandon Morrow, Blue Jays (on the road): 1.80 ERA, 1.13 WHIP, 32/11 K/BB in 30 innings
7. Kevin Correia, Pirates (on the road): 2.34 ERA, 1.09 WHIP, 27/17 K/BB in 57 2/3 innings
8. Dustin Moseley, Padres (on the road): 2.36 ERA, 1.14 WHIP, 20/11 K/BB in 42 innings
9. Carlos Villanueva, Blue Jays (on the road -- four games as a starter): 2.52 ERA, 0.87 WHIP, 22/9 K/BB in 35 2/3
10. Matt Harrison, Rangers (on the road): 2.23 ERA, 1.08 WHIP, 25/17 K/BB in 44 1/3 innings

List 7: Rejected ideas for lists of 10 submitted on Facebook:

1. Sean Kelly: 10 hottest women taller than 6 feet
2. Steve Connolly: 10 WNBA players who could start in the San Francisco Giants' lineup
3. David Katz: 10 concession foods at a ballpark that resemble players
4. Charlie Aquilina: Since you said you'd be horrible at "Survivor," 10 reality shows you would like to be on.
5. Charlie Robinson: 10 best LeBron James and/or Tiger Woods jokes.
6. Steven R. Sayers: 10 new column-format ideas -- I need innovation, Berry!
7. Dave Sizemore: 10 professional athletes you'd like to see step into the Octagon and fight each other
8. Markus Videnjeks: 10 reasons other teams in my league should want to trade for Jhonny Peralta, who is having a heck of a year and, with Ryan Zimmerman back, is stuck on my bench. (Apparently, Markus thinks this column is all about him.)
9. Eli Miller: 10 Karabellisms
10. Joel Michael Brody: 10 reasons you still have a job

List 8: Guys to sell high on:

(Suggested by both Greg Otto and Kaiden Davis from my Facebook page)

These are guys who will continue to have value, but I feel their value is at its peak right now.

1. Brett Wallace, 1B, Astros
2. Andre Ethier, OF, Dodgers
3. Michael Young, 3B, Rangers
4. Melky Cabrera, OF, Royals
5. Jimmy Rollins, SS, Phillies
6. Alfonso Soriano, OF, Cubs
7. Josh Beckett, SP, Red Sox
8. James Shields, SP, Rays
9. Jeremy Hellickson, SP, Rays
10. Ricky Romero, SP, Blue Jays

List 9: Surprising stats:

1. Since changing his batting stance in early June, Alcides Escobar is hitting .333 with 13 runs, 1 homer, 7 RBIs and 7 steals. He's still available in 30 percent of leagues.

2. Nate Ravitz discussed this on the podcast the other day, but it bears repeating here. Of qualified pitchers, Roy Halladay leads the majors with a 7.44 strikeout-to-walk rate. Zack Greinke, who doesn't currently qualify because of the missed starts at the beginning of the year, has a K/BB of 8.89.

3. Pirates pitcher Jeff Karstens, who's available in 84 percent of leagues, has allowed two earned runs or fewer in 11 of his past 12 starts.

4. In 78 innings pitched this year, Karstens has walked just 14 batters.

5. Per FanGraphs, only three pitchers in the major leagues have a ground-ball percentage of more than 60 percent. Only 29 starting pitchers have a strikeout-per-nine ratio of 7.9 or higher.

6. Only one guy makes both lists: Jhoulys Chacin.

7. Juan Pierre has attempted 19 stolen bases this season. He has been caught stealing nine times. By comparison, last year, Juan Pierre had 86 stolen-base attempts. He was caught 18 times.

8. In 60 games started this year, A.J. Pierzynski has allowed 52 stolen bases, most in MLB.

9. Nobody in baseball averages more pitches per plate appearance than Carlos Santana, and he is tied for fifth in the majors in total walks.

10. Against left-handed pitching this season, Michael Cuddyer is hitting .388 with six home runs. Against right-handed pitching, he his hitting .246.

List 10 (Also suggested by Bruce Bentley on facebook): With "Green Lantern" being released, top superheroes in order of awesomeness.

1. Spider-Man
2. Wolverine
3. Batman
4. Iron Man
5. Professor X
6. Flash
7. Superman
8. Captain America
9. Storm
10. Space Ghost (that's for a 5-year-old TMR, who never missed an episode).

Matthew Berry -- The Talented Mr. Roto -- had Silver Surfer at No. 11. Wonder Woman almost made the list, but it would have been for the wrong reasons. Berry is the creator of RotoPass.com, a website that combines a bunch of well-known fantasy sites, including ESPN Insider, for one low price. Use promo code ESPN for 10 percent off. He is a charter member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association Hall of Fame. Cyberstalk the TMR | Be his cyberfriend