Second-Half Ranks: Top 340

While baseball takes three days off to hit home runs that don't count, the ESPN.com fantasy staff has tasked with reranking its top 340 players for the rest of the season. That means that we're only counting post-All-Star-break production. April's hot or cold starts are long forgotten.

Why do we do it this way? Because unless you play in a league in which you can acquire stats that have already been accumulated, looking back only serves to put things in perspective, and that's what the Player Rater is for. Use these rankings as a barometer of what ESPN's fantasy experts, as a group, think will happen from this point on. (We refer to these as our GroupThink rankings.)

The nine rankers for this round, covering mid-July through the end of the season, are Matthew Berry, Tristan H. Cockcroft, Christopher Harris, Will Harris, Eric Karabell, AJ Mass, James Quintong, Nate Ravitz and Brendan Roberts. For the purposes of providing the most accurate gauge of our GroupThink, the "average" you see does not include the highest nor the lowest rank. However, because we embrace free will and want to encourage debate and outside-the-box thinking, we've identified whose rankings were the highest and lowest and what those ranks were.