Daily Notes: Opening Night Look

Welcome back my friend to the show that never ends...

Welcome back to real baseball games and welcome to ESPN's Fantasy Baseball Game Notes. Everyday David Young, Tristan Cockcroft and Adam Madison will break down the baseball matchups and tell you whom you should be starting, benching, and watching.

What you won't find are obvious comments like, "This team historically does poorly against Johan Santana so put him in your lineup ..." or "Albert Pujols feasts on this pitcher and should be active ..." That would be a waste of your time (and ours). What you will find are useful recommendations for nonobvious players and help with picking spot-starting pitchers for the day.

This column is written for you baseball day-traders that move your lineups daily and scour the waiver wire looking for that hidden gem. You are undeterred by distractions like eating, socializing and breathing, and frankly, that makes you one of us. So check out the Game Notes daily and get the jump on your competition.

Fantasy Game Notes for Sunday, April 1

New York Mets @ St. Louis Cardinals
Tom Glavine, LHP (0-0) versus Chris Carpenter, RHP (0-0)
Busch Stadium (outdoor) 8:05 ET (clear and 68ยบ)
Notable Injuries: Juan Encarnacion, OF, STL
Ahhhh, baseball. The Cardinals earned the honor of hosting Opening Day by winning the World Series and will try to hold off the revenge-minded Mets. Both starting pitchers have pitched well in spring training. In 2006, Glavine beat these same Cards in St. Louis but didn't fool them (6.0 IP, 2 K, .391 OBA). However, he does usually get out to a fast start in April. Last year, the Cards were 15th in the NL in slugging against lefties, so don't expect power from them. Carpenter did not face the Mets during the regular season but knows their lineup. This one's easy: both squads are basically all-star teams, so start everyone, as you want to wake up Monday morning and have stats, don't you? Just remember Juan Encarnacion is on the DL and Scott Spiezio is starting in his place, and let's see how Adam Kennedy does in his new surroundings. Chris Duncan showed a lot of power in spring training, but now we get to see if it was a mirage or a preview of the things to come. Keep an eye on Moises Alou, who usually waits until after spring training to play at full speed.

David Young is a fantasy baseball analyst for ESPN.com and TalentedMrRoto.com. He can be reached at MrSnappy@TalentedMrRoto.com