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Standard leagues are defined as a 10-team, standard scoring league which used fixed settings. There are two game types, Free Standard and Prize-Eligible. The two scoring types are: Rotisserie and Head-to-Head: Each Category.

Creating a Standard League
To create a standard league, click here. Select your league name, Scoring Type, League Type (public or private) and enter your draft settings. When completed, click the Create League button. You are now given the option to make your league Prize-Eligible. If you choose to play for free, your league will not be compete for league prizes or be Leaderboard eligible. If you choose to make it Prize-Eligible, you will be required to purchase a prize-eligible team.

Note: You will not receive Uber points unless you are participating in a Prize-Eligible league.

Joining a Public Standard League
To join a public league, go to the League Directory or Live Draft Lobby where you can choose the right league for you. You can select between Free and Prize-Eligible and autopick and live draft. Once you have found the league you want to join, click on the league name and click the button that says Join This League.

Standard League Settings (Both Free and Prize-Eligible):
Regardless of playing Roto or H2H, all standard leagues use these fixed scoring settings.

Accepting invitation to a Private Standard League: All leagues are private and can only be joined if invited to play by the league's creator. All invitations are sent in the form of an email which contains a unique URL. This unique URL is the ticket to play in the league and must either be clicked on or copied and pasted into the browser's 'Address' field. Upon a successful join, the invitees memberId will be associated with the teamId and they will be that team's owner. Note: Only league creator's can invite people to play in their league.

Troubleshooting: Below are example of problems you might have in joining your league and how you can go about fixing them. If one of the examples does not help rectify your problem, please contact Customer Service.

• No invitation received. If the league creator says they sent you an invitation but you do not see it in your email's inbox it could be due to a couple of reasons. 1- Your email address entered by the league manager is simply incorrect. In this case we ask you to communicate with your league manager to ensure they are entering your correct email address. 2- Your corporate (or ISP's) firewall blocks email from our ESPN servers. In this case we recommend the league creator using the Send me a copy of each invite option. Once he/she receives the "cc'ed" email (which contains your team's unique join URL) he/she can then forward that email to you via their own email service (thus bypassing any firewall).

• Invitation received but can't join league. The league creator invites you to play, and you receive the invite, but upon clicking the unique URL the page returns saying you can not join the league. This will happen for two reasons. 1- The league creator invited another owner to join the team after he/she invited you. Once a different email address is entered and submitted the system will null and void the unique URL on the previous email. 2- The league manager changed your email address. Likewise to the previous example, once a different email address is entered and submitted the system will void the unique URL on the previous email. In both cases we recommend that you contact the league creator to work out the details.

Keeper Leagues
Keeper Leagues starting in 2005 will be carried over in the 2007 Fantasy Baseball format. Once the previous keeper leagues finish their 3-year term, there will be no more keeper leagues in Standard Leagues. If you wish to continue with the same league members the following year, you can create a league and invite any or all of the members that would like to continue. If you create a Custom League, you will be able to re-activate the league every year for as long as you choose. You will also be able to designate your Custom League as a Keeper League for the following season.

If your league is an on-going ESPN 3-year Keeper League, the draft order has been set to reflect the final 2006 rankings in the following arrangement: 5th thru last place, 3rd, 4th, 2nd, 1st. This was done to keep both the Playoff and Consolation Brackets competitive.

In order to change your draft type and date, team owners will need to select and vote. This can be done in the league referenda.

Team owners will need to designate five keepers from their previous team. If you do not select all five players, our system will choose the remaining keepers for you. This is done by choosing your top players from last year's Player Rater that are eligible to fit on your roster.


Those who have played our legacy, pay-per-team Fantasy Baseball game will notice some changes to the standard game. The name change now refers to this game type as Prize-Eligible Leagues. As the name says they (still) award a prize to league champ, and all teams are Overall Leaderboard and Uber-Game eligible. In future years we hope to expand Prize-Eligible Leagues to allow for more customization.

  • Roster size - In a move to make the game easier to play, rosters have been reduced from 25 to 20 players.

  • Games Started Game Limits - "H2H" game limits have been imposed to stop streaming. In Roto 120 games started is now the season limit (down from 180 due to the smaller roster size).

  • NL or AL Only (or AL vs. NL) - All standard leagues now use the "All MLB Players' setting. If you played in an AL or NL Only 2006 Keeper League your league will remain a keeper yet use the entire MLB player pool at its draft.

  • 8/10/12 team leagues - All standard leagues have a fixed size of 10 teams.

  • DH slot - In the legacy game players such as David Ortiz and Travis Hafner were 1B eligible. This is no longer the case in 2007 where they will only be eligible at any position played 20 games the previous season. So in both these player's cases they are only eligible to play in your UTIL slot in 2007. Only if/when they have 10 games played at 1B will they be eligible for that position.

Note: Some of these settings are still very much in play by setting up a free Custom League using your own settings. Click here to start a Custom League.

For more on changes to the 2007 game, please see the What's New in 2007 page.