Welcome to the @ESPNFantasy #TwitterMockDraft

Have you ever read through our mock drafts and wondered what the owners in the league were thinking as they made each pick? Well, now you have your chance to be in the draft room with us for every single pick. For the first time, one of our mock drafts is taking place on Twitter, and you can follow all the action by tracking one simple hashtag: #TwitterMockDraft.

Each day for the next two weeks, our 10 drafters will make their selections on Twitter and offer their thoughts and comments. The beauty of Twitter is the ability to talk back to the drafters, and if you agree (or disagree) with a certain pick, explain why. As long as you are using #TwitterMockDraft, you're in the draft room right along with us.

Here are the ground rules we operated under for this particular mock draft. We are using ESPN standard settings, meaning a 10-team mixed league with a 25-man roster featuring the following positional breakdown: one of each infield position, five outfielders, one 1B/3B, one 2B/SS, one utility player, nine pitchers and three bench spots.

The drafters, in first-round order, are as follows: Fantasy analysts Matthew Berry (@MatthewBerryTMR) and Eric Karabell (@karabellespn); ESPN.com SweetSpot writer David Schoenfield (@dschoenfield); ESPN "Baseball Tonight" host Steve Berthiaume (@SBerthiaumeESPN); ESPN Deportes host Carolina Guillen (@caroguillenESPN); ESPN Insiders Buster Olney (@Buster_ESPN) and Dan Syzmborski (@DSzymborski); fantasy analysts AJ Mass (@AJMass) and Tristan Cockcroft (@SultanOfStat); and ESPN baseball research specialist Mark Simon (@msimonespn).

The draft began on March 7 and will continue until all rosters are complete.

Here are the results of Round 1. Each round's results will be added at the end of each day.


Analysis: The first round was going as planned until Guillen threw the draft a curveball and selected Granderson with the fifth overall pick. "He produces in every department, one of the most complete in Fantasy," she said. While the pick is surprising based on initial rankings, Guillen isn't that far off. If Granderson is able to repeat, or even improve on his 2011 campaign in which he finished sixth on the Player Rater, we may be looking at this pick at the end of the season and applauding it.

After Granderson, the draft fell back into order as the majority of ESPN's top 10 projected players were selected.

Our thoughts:

@AJMass: Cano was tempting, but had Ellsbury not been there I'd probably have taken a SP #TwitterMockDraft

@SultanOfStat: Nearly took Votto over Cano. Heck, I ranked Votto higher, albeit by two spots. Depth in elite 1B had a lot to do with it. #TwitterMockDraft

@karabellespn: With the 2nd pick in the @ESPNFantasy #TwitterMockDraft, I take Ryan Braun. Yep, that Ryan Braun. Going 30/30 again!

Your thoughts:

@ESPNFantasy Curtis Granderson FIFTH overall??? He's good, but am I missing something here?"

@ESPNFantasy I would not draft Braun or Granderson in the top 10, let alone top 5.

@ESPNFantasy no love for Upton in rd. 1?


Analysis: Two of the top-tier pitchers went in this round, Verlander and Halladay, and that was relatively expected. The unexpected moments of this round came with the last two picks from Karabell and Berry, who found great value with their selections of Hanley Ramirez and Carlos Gonzalez, respectively. On their personal draft lists, both Karabell and Berry have those two players significantly higher. "I'm amazed [Carlos Gonzalez] is still available," said Berry. "I have him at No. 8 overall. At pick 20, I want his pop/speed. He's only 26."

The first two rounds have stayed relatively true to projections, but as teams start to differentiate based on need, we'll start to see some interesting trends develop as the draft continues.

Our thoughts:

@karabellespn: I've got Hanley at No. 9… here he goes No. 19! Value pick in the #Twittermockdraft!

@MatthewBerryTMR: Thought hard about Kershaw there for #Twittermockdraft but felt better chance of a stud SP falling next round than a stud 3B.

@caroguillenespn: Now I want a power hitter who will clean up the bases, Prince Fielder is my guy! His HRs and RBI rocks. Round 2 #TwitterMockDraft

Your thoughts:

@DSzymborski @ESPNFantasy I think pedroia is first round talent. You're crushing this draft. #twittermockdraft

I like the Reyes pick … in the @ESPNFantasy #Twittermockdraft, but would have gone Hanley or perhaps [Starlin] Castro. [Injuries] are amidst.

If I don't have a SP yet, I'm 100% taking Lee in the 3rd round. I have a gut feeling he has a Cy-Young year. #twittermockdraft


Analysis: Many tweets were sent after Berthiaume selected Dan Uggla with his third-round pick, but Berthiaume wasn't disappointed with his selection. Looking for some power from second base, he felt that Uggla was a perfect fit for his infield along with Pujols and Reyes, and with second basemen Cano, Pedroia and Kinsler already selected. Uggla's 2012 projected stats include 34 home runs, 90 RBI and 91 runs, and with depth limited at second base this and pretty much every season, those stats are extremely valuable.

Simon's selection of Mike Napoli may been seen as a reach, but the top-ranked catcher is poised for another spectacular season and offers owners something additional. Napoli's multi-position eligibility gives teams in standard ESPN leagues the ability to use him at catcher or first base.

Our thoughts:

@SultanOfStat: No way anyone can complain about a 2.73 ERA, 1.14 WHIP and 224 K's. Oh, that's [Felix Hernandez's] AVERAGE year from 2009-11.

@CaroGuillenESPN: Clayton Kershaw in [Round 3]. He's 10 younger than [Cliff] Lee and was on the same level in 2011. K/BB ratio is the best!, weak division #twittermockdraft

@Dsyzmborski: I want to take King Felix, but Weaver's darn good and I don't want to have a category riding on the Mariners offense. #twittermockdraft

Your thoughts:

@StevenMichelen: @dschoenfield @espnfantasy #TwitterMockDraft Stanton is a great choice, gonna have a crazy good year

@jrider35: @Buster_ESPN @espnfantasy how many members in this league … Lee going kinda late … I know pitching is deep this year but damn … STEAL

@tygw24: @MatthewBerryTMR Miggy … Cargo … Beltre combo?!?! I likey!!! Corners stacked with potential 30/30 guy in OF!!! #sick


Analysis: Through four rounds, two catchers are already off the board and Olney's pick of Carlos Santana was a very intriguing one. There are so few stud catchers available this season that picking up the projected 25-home run starter leaves the rest of the league to fight for the remaining few options that can positively impact their squad. "I'm anticipating a burst of catchers being taken, and wanted to grab one of the best," said Olney after his pick. If he stays healthy, Santana's big bat will stay in the lineup for the Indians, and with Olney feeling that this is going to be a breakout year for the multi-position eligible (C, 1B) Santana, it seemed like no-brainer.

The love for Brett Lawrie further extended into this draft as Karabell grabbed him at 39th overall. Cockcroft took Wright earlier in the round and Schoenfield, who stated he is on the Lawrie bandwagon, went with Phillips looking to sure up second base and hoped that Lawrie would slide. Karabell made sure that didn't happen and took the seventh-ranked third basemen in the fourth round.

Our thoughts:

@dschoenfield: I like @Buster_ESPN 's pick of Carlos Santana in @espnfantasy #twittermockdraft. Feel a huge season coming on for Mr. Santana. #Indians

@SBerthiaumeESPN: Still lots of pitching out there. I'll wait and keep mashing with Jay Bruce.

@caroguillenESPN: I'll go with a workhorse ace called C.C Sabathia: 17+ wins in each of the last 5 seasons, run support and great bullpen! #twittermockdraft

Your thoughts:

@Will_ZME: #twittermockdraft I think catchers should be drafted late. Napoli and Santana are great but there's better stuff at that spot isn't there …

@Bugsy22: @SultanofStat I really like those 1st 3 rounds of #twittermockdraft … I want those 3 picks every day of the week

@TX3Hawkman: @dschoenfield @ESPNFantasy I would have taken Rickie Weeks


Analysis: There were two very distinct reactions when Karabell took Hosmer with the 42nd overall pick. Some reacted with the same optimism that Karabell possesses when talking about Hosmer's potential. The other half was shocked that Karabell could reach for a player like Hosmer at this point in the draft. Regardless of what side you may fall on, the scouting report is that Hosmer is projected to be a premier talent in the league this season with a solid batting average (projected .293) and some power (projected 19 home runs). While questions about the lack of a supporting cast might drop Hosmer's value to some, if he matures into the hitter many expect him to be, the 42nd overall pick might become a top-10 value.

After Zobrist was selected by Guillen to the dismay of Olney, who was anxiously ready to pick him, Holliday was added by Syzmborski in perhaps the steal of the draft thus far. Cockcroft's selection of Andrus fills up his infield and provides him a speed advantage at the position. "My Andrus selection is sure to inspire debate," said Cockcroft. "The thing is, my infield can hit, but it needed speed … and I fear a SS run is on the horizon."

Our thoughts:

@karabellespn: Hosmer was not a reach to me! Not same tier to me either [as Paul Konerko, Lance Berkman, Michael Morse]. Hosmer is gonna be great. Plus, I don't pick again for a while!

@MatthewBerryTMR: I'm waiting on [starting pitching]. So with pick 41 in #twittermockdraft I take Josh Hamilton. (Have him @ 29). A 10 [team league] means I can afford an injury risk.

@DSyzymborski: Holliday was not the most creative pick, to be sure, but I feel safer with an OF before I start thinking about some value guys. #twittermockdraft

Your thoughts:

@murphym45: @caroguillenESPN great pick [with Zobrist], he's the best 2B left by a long shot. #TwitterMockDraft

@TheGalan: The Steal > RT @DSzymborski: @ESPNFantasy so I'm going to go the boring route and take Matt Holliday #twittermockdraft

@bstrunk10: @ESPNFantasy I would have drafted a closer with my first pitcher pick, 5th round. Starting pitchers can't go everyday.

ROUND 6 - MARCH 12-13

Analysis: This round started off with the Simon's selection of the aging Rivera over the rising star Craig Kimbrel. Rivera, projected for 41 saves this year, probably has the most job security of any reliever in baseball. Some may argue that the first reliever going in Round 6 is too soon, but the value Mo has provided year after year makes for a solid foundation for a fantasy bullpen.

If there's one single player whose draft position fluctuates with each and every draft, it's Yu Darvish. Without really knowing what he's capable of in the major leagues, managers have Darvish in a variety of places on their draft lists. Berthiaume liked what he saw early on in spring training and made him his sixth-round pick. Berthiaume responded further saying he "wanted to have a little fun."

Our thoughts:

@karabellespn: Can never have enough offense. I'll take Paul Konerko with pick 59 in the @ESPNFantasy #TwitterMockDraft. We have Konerko ranked 36th! Nice!

@DSyzymborski: @ESPNFantasy with Castro gone and several SSs close in value, I'm going to take the safe C route and go Brian McCann #twittermockdraft

@SultanOfStat: You read correctly, even conservative SP drafter @karabellespn has Greinke top-50. Zack's gotta be good! #TwitterMockDraft

Your thoughts:

@gigawicket: @karabellespn @ESPNFantasy Konerko has been the most underrated player for an easy 5 years now.

@MikeGianella: All of the #twittermockdraft tweets tell me that everyone involved is having the greatest draft in the history of drafts!

@MatteiniTheWise: @MatthewBerryTMR @ESPNFantasy Very scary to have both [Hamilton and Cruz]. They're too injury prone.


Analysis: Schoenfield took a small leap of faith by selecting Mauer in the seventh round. The Minnesota catcher is coming off a mysterious illness that forced him out of nearly half of last season and as AJ Mass wrote in our 30 Questions series, can fantasy owners trust him? Mauer has looked healthy in spring training thus far and every drafter knows that he's capable of another year with a .300 average. If he brings just some of his power back and hits like the Mauer of old, Schoenfield's pick is a smart one.

Berry grabbed a player who was in our top-10 pre-season rankings in 2011, but failed to come through as expected: Carl Crawford. In 2011 he suffered a hamstring injury, then had problems with his wrist. During the offseason he had surgery on his wrist and as a result, Crawford isn't expected to be ready for opening day. All that said, there's a lot of upside from the Boston outfielder and Berry might have one of the best outfields in the league (Crawford, Hamilton and Cruz).

Our thoughts:

@CaroGuillenESPN: Craig Kimbrel is my pick. He has starter strikeout totals and on a team that will win, so he will have many save chances #TwitterMockDraft

@AJMass: I'm up in #twittermockdraft. Run support? Bah! Who needs it? But if Matt Cain gets it, he wins 18 easy. Welcome to the team.

@karabellespn: With pick 62 in the @ESPNFantasy #twittermockdraft, I choose OF Alex Gordon. Numbers were legit, should do it again.

Your thoughts:

@justinrklein: @dzsymborski your team = solid. Weaver & Hamels r underrated. i'd rather wait on 1B > SS. Aybar = only late rd'er i trust. #twittermockdraft

@DanMizer: @karabellespn @espnfantasy @dschoenfield your not worried about [Gordon's] insane .358 BABIP, with only .303 avg last year?!? Fluke #FantasyBaseball

@sswift1965: @Buster_ESPN @ESPNFantasy as long as [Moore] stays healthy. It always seems like the guys they handle with kid gloves to prevent injury get hurt


Analysis: The run on outfielders continued with Jennings, Victorino and Choo being taken during Round 8. The talent pool in the outfield in 2012 isn't as deep as we've typically seen and a small run on the position has taken place as a result. Each team must selected five outfielders during the draft.

Olney's pick of Dee Gordon was the biggest stretch of the round, but there are very few reliable fantasy-relevant middle infielders remaining. Especially since there are questions of whether or not Gordon will be the everyday starter all season. Perhaps Olney could've waited for a few more rounds before selecting him, but as he said as he made his pick, "I just won the stolen bases category."

Our thoughts:

@SultanOfStat: It's one thing to fear Jennings' K's and (possibly) low AVG in PTS-based, but his HR-SB potential is attractive in Roto. #TwitterMockDraft

@dschoenfield: Will @karabellespn take a pitcher in the @ESPNFantasy #TwitterMockDraft? Is the secret sauce method to winning fantasy baseball?

@SBerthiaume: Hitter with biggest contact-to-damage ratio still left on board appears to be David Ortiz. Big Papi @ESPNFantasy: Round 8 #TwitterMockDraft

Your thoughts:

@eff_sab: @Buster_ESPN @ESPNFantasy You've either won SB or else drafted a SS that could be back in the minors sometime this year #twitterdraft

@MOver_413: @ESPNFantasy Desmond Jennings … Upside of a healthy Carl Crawford … Half the price!! STEAL in Rd. 8. #twittermockdraft

@scotteiland: @msimonespn @espnfantasy NICE PICK Mark. Gallardo is making THE LEAP this year. Just don't pick too many Mets. #caring


Analysis: It only took nine rounds, but Karabell finally grabbed his first pitcher off the board. Constantly boasting the depth in starting pitching this year, Karabell went with Bumgarner as "Someone's needs to pitch for this team. He's good and safe." Wins might be a challenge for Bumgarner, but his high strikeout rate and low ERA and WHIP makes him a great selection at this point in the draft. Berry grabbed his first pitcher at the end of Round 8.

The other big story during this draft has been the consistent focus on third base. Nine rounds in, 10 of the top 11 third basemen (as rated by ESPN) have already been selected with No. 10 Michael Young the lone standout. One thing to consider is that in ESPN standard leagues, a corner position (1B/3B) must be filled as well.

Our thoughts:

@dszymborski: I asked ZiPS and it currently has @SultanofStat and @AJMass 1-2 in the #twittermockdraft so far. Still lots of positions to fill.

@dschoenfield: Was going to take a hitter in @espnfantasy #twittermockdraft, but C.J. Wilson too good to pass. Monster season ahead. 2.31 road ERA in '11.

@MatthewBerryTMR: Pick #81 in #twittermocckdraft I take Rickie Weeks. Lots of injury risk on my team, but don't want to go two [starting pitchers], Youkilis, Chase Utley also risky.

Your thoughts:

@diddypop25: @AJMass @espnfantasy and [Aramis Ramirez] could be a steal there. Nice pick

@DrewBBalis: @Buster_ESPN @ESPNFantasy I've always thought of [Jordan Zimmermann] to be underrated. Nice pick.

@kaos19juice: @karabellespn @espnfantasy - [you are] crushing this draft, make this draft real and run this pool, your team is sick.


Analysis: A small closer run began to take place in the Twitter Mock Draft during Round 10, but many of the drafters preach not to pay for saves and we can expect that in this draft especially, the value picks in later rounds will include a wide variety of relief pitchers. Cockcroft had no problem taking Storen 92nd overall saying, "It's not called "paying" for saves by Round 10, it's called stealing them."

Olney's pick of Billy Butler drove some conversation on Twitter for the simple reason that to start the season, he qualifies only at the UTIL spot in ESPN leagues. That criticism may be short-lived as Royals manager Ned Yost said last week that he expects Butler to play the field more. If Butler is able to gain first base eligibility early in the season, his fantasy value greatly increases.

Our thoughts:

@dszymborski: And with Cuddyer 1B/OF, gives me some flexibility grabbing one of the low BA HR+SB guys left. #twittermockdraft

@karabellespn: With pick 99 in the @ESPNFantasy #TwitterMockDraft I select 2B Chase Utley. Nice value here, my infield is all set. Plenty of pitching left!

@dschoenfield: So much for Youkilis falling one more round in @espnfantasy #twittermockdraft. Just hoping I don't get stuck now with Chone Figgins.

Your thoughts:

@thephilipbrown: @dschoenfield Does #TwitterMockDraft give points for professionalism? [After Schoenfield drafted Michael Young]

@vbiro: "@karabellespn: With pick 99 in the @ESPNFantasy #TwitterMockDraft I select 2B Chase Utley." this is enough to make me #unfollow

@____ERIC____: @MatthewBerryTMR is supposedly a fantasy guru but through 9 rounds of @ESPNFantasy's #TwitterMockDraft, he has 1 SP (Jon Lester) #whatajoke


Analysis: Round 11 included two high-risk, high-reward picks in Jason Heyward and Adam Wainwright. During the fantasy baseball rankings summit, injury expert Stephania Bell said that last season, Heyward's swing was simply "broken." His spring stats hint that he may have found the fix and Cockcroft stands in line to benefit if Heyward has once again put everything together. Wainwright didn't throw one pitch in 2011 and after a 17-month hiatus from facing batters, he stepped into spring training and offered up some of the brilliance that allowed him to dominate in the past. Wainwright joins Weaver, Hudson and Hamels on Syzmborski's roster.

Berthiaume picked up Brennan Boesch and there might not be another player on the Tigers who is primed to benefit more from the addition of Miguel Cabrera than Boesch. He's hit three home runs during spring training and has shown off the power that makes him a legitimate fantasy threat. Insider Jim Bowden also supports Berthiaume's pick here and argues why Boesch is posed to breakout in 2012.

Our thoughts:

@SBerthiaumeESPN: The ESPN Fantasy #TwitterMockDraft slogs on. With pick 104?, I'll go with #Tigers OF Brennan Boesch. Poised for a big year!

@SultanOfStat: Drawing board says it's time for OF Jason Heyward. Encouraging spring signs lately. #TwitterMockDraft @ESPNFantasy

@DSzymborski: @ESPNFantasy He looks healthy, so I'm going to take a chance on Adam Wainwright here - 10 team mixed protects from injury

Your thoughts:

@RealJustinBates: @DSzymborski ask holders of mortgage backed securities how ignoring risks worked for them … #practicewhatyoupreach

@daga2206: That's a big If RT @caroguillenESPN: Time for #twittermockdraft Carlos Beltran is my pick...strong value if he is healthy! @ESPNFantasy"

ROUND 12 - MARCH 19-20

Analysis: Round 12 was featured the selection of a number of starting pitchers, but given that most teams have taken care of their true positional needs, it was the right time for many to move in that direction.

The back-to-back picks of Josh Johnson and Tommy Hanson represent that we're at the point in the draft where risks are being taken. Both pitchers have a history of failing to complete a season, but both Karabell and Berry felt that a risk during this round was well worth taking. "With my 12th rounder in the Twitter Mock Draft I will take Atlanta's Tommy Hanson," Karabell said. "Some risk of injury, but lots of upside."

Our thoughts:

@dschoenfield: Whoa … Josh Johnson is still available in Round 12 of the @ESPNFantasy #twittermockdraft? Thank you. I'll take the risk.

@DSzymborski: Even with knee issue, I don't think Corey Hart would be around in 12 more picks. So I'll take Hart @ESPNFantasy #twittermockdraft

@SultanOfStat: @msimonespn @espnfantasy Great pick by Mark with Garza. And a whiff by yours truly, I hoped to get him on the backswing. #TwitterMockDraft

Your thoughts:

@padreBradley: @MatthewBerryTMR I like Beachy at that spot, didn't reach, but didn't let him out of your grasp either #twittermockdraft

@lobosstyle: #TwitterMockDraft has been very interesting so far. Can't wait for the late rounds. Very useful information for all fantasy players!!

@Shakabrodie: @SBerthiaumeESPN @ESPNFantasy Darvish? Well, I guess Haren, Shields and Beckett will help make up for the dismal ERA he'll post.

ROUND 13 - MARCH 20-21

Analysis: Karabell took a measured risk on Chris Carpenter. Unfortunately, he will not be ready for Opening Day, but there still is significant upside if Carpenter's neck doesn't turn into a nagging season-long injury. "Worth the risk this late," said Karabell. "He's my No. 4 pitcher."

Two of the past three Berthiaume picks were Tigers outfielders, and if you've been watching them in spring training, you've witnessed their ability to put players on base. Both Young and Boesch stand to benefit from the addition of Prince Fielder into the lineup, but before we jump to the conclusion that one more big hitter will make them both fantasy studs, remember that they did have another solid hitter on the squad in 2011: Victor Martinez. "Love Delmon Young here as a sleeper pick," said Berthiaume. "He could be .285, 20 HR, 100 RBI guy in that lineup this year."

As much as Berthiaume is hoping the Tigers reach their full potential, Olney is in the same position with the Nationals. The ESPN Baseball Insider picked up Gio Gonzalez with his last pick, which means he now has four Nationals on his roster (Zimmerman, Zimmermann, Strasburg and Gonzalez).

Our thoughts:

@dschoenfield: Was going to grab him, thought he'd slide one more round. I always wait too long for 1B. @DSzymborski @ESPNFantasy Paul Goldschmidt

@SBerthiaumeESPN: @dschoenfield @ESPNFantasy Correct. But since defense, walks & [wins above replacement] don't count: Delmon Young is a very nice, midround, 4th OF Fantasy pick.

@SultanOfStat: Yes, selecting Montero absolutely accounts (partly) for a hope he'll quickly qualify at catcher. I lack one! #TwitterMockDraft @ESPNFantasy

Your thoughts:

@johnhirko: @Buster_ESPN @ESPNFantasy Even the great Buster Olney has been overcome with Nats Fever!

@sportsbuster: @SBerthiaumeESPN @ESPNFantasy I love Delmon Young too. Don't forget about Raburn

@gq2scoops:@caroguillenESPN @espnfantasy Haha keep thinking that [about Andre Ethier] …l I'm a huge Dodger fan & I know there are much better OF options at the end of drafts.

ROUND 14 - MARCH 21-22

Our thoughts:

@karabellespn: Was thinking pitcher with my 14th rounder in the @ESPNFantasy #twittermockdraft but I can't pass up 20/20 Chris Young. Great value here.

@SBerthiaumeESPN: I'll gladly take @GabySanchez15 @ESPNFantasy with 14th round pick. Better production on the board here than with OF #TwitterMockDraft

@Dszymborski: ZiPS still thinks Mass-Cockcroft RT @ESPNFantasy: Who has the best team right now in the #TwitterMockDraft?

Your thoughts:

@txtallguy: @MatthewBerryTMR really smart move [taking Peralta]

@JasonGuarente: @dschoenfield Freese's injuries are flukey. Unless he gets drilled in the head or hand again, he should be out there. Ankle is healthy.

@MIKEYannuzzi:@ESPNFantasy Gotta say that the @MatthewBerryTMR has the best team so far. @SultanofStat in a pretty close 2nd.


Our thoughts:

@karabellespn: Time for a closer. Hey, it's late. Brian Wilson with pick 142 in the lengthy @ESPNFantasy #twittermockdraft.

@SBerthiaumeESPN: I'll gamble on bounceback year from Ubaldo Jimenez here. I like his ZIPS. Good spot for him at @ESPNFantasy #TwitterMockDraft pick No. 144.

@dschoenfield: Derek Holland ranked way too low. Dude had 2.77 ERA final 15 starts, nearly [a strikeout] per inning. He's my pick. @ESPNFantasy #Twittermockdraft

Your thoughts:

@nwolf166: @SultanofStat "Time to handcuff the Monteros." That's exactly what I have done. Gonna try it again this weekend in 3 leagues.

@Cory_Dowd: @SBerthiaumeESPN O man Bert I hope you are right. If Ubaldo and Masterson can pitch well and we get timely hits could be an exciting summer

@MOver_413:@karabellespn @ESPNFantasy solid upside and late for a quality [relief pitcher]!! Nice pick EK!! #TwitterMockDraft


Our thoughts:

@MatthewBerryTMR: Never pay for saves in a 10 team mixed league. @ESPNFantasy

@karabellespn: With my 16th rounder in the @ESPNFantasy #twittermockdraft I take Rafael Betancourt. Not many safe, available closers left, really.

@dschoenfield: (In response to @AdSal44 on Alex Avila: Curious - why is regression assumed?) For Avila? You're right, not necessarily. Was consistent all season. But few catchers post .900 OPS year after year.

Your thoughts:

@travischavanne5: @SBerthiaumeESPN @espnfantasy great pick (in Jason Kubel), sleeper in the desert. He will have a big year in that park.

@dldougherty: @SultanofStat I'm surprised you took J. Montero over M. Montero. You think Jesus has higher upside as catcher? #twittermockdraft

@AdSAl44:@dschoenfield @espnfantasy yeah I hear ya. Hoping [Avila] is an exception to the norm!


Our thoughts:

@CaroGuillenESPN: #TwitterMockDraft Johan Santana is a good risk, looks healthy, if he becomes the johan of old thats great, if not oh well its the what? 16R?

@SBerthiaumeESPN: Time for a closer. As we saw on BBTN last night, #Rangers Joe Nathan is good to go. @ESPNFantasy: #TwitterMockDraft Round 16.

@DSymborski: I'm very sad that Buster grabbed Jansen. I think Street will fare well in Petco until his inevitable injury @ESPNFantasy #twittermockdraft

Your thoughts:

@john9668: @MatthewBerryTMR @espnfantasy Thats exactly where i took Motte and League too. Guess i'm reading too much TMR?

@dldougherty: @karabellespn @espnfantasy Absolutely. Pineda will definitely return more value than a round 17 pick. When people hear bust they stay away.

@MoCan24:@MatthewBerryTMR that last tweet makes me feel MUCH better about my mx league draft last night! Thanks TMR.


Our thoughts:

@karabellespn: Keeping with the Mets theme, I take Lucas Duda in round 18 of the @ESPNFantasy #twittermockdraft. He's good! I could see 25 homers! Du-da!

@SBerthiaumeESPN: I'll go saves again and get Kyle Farnsworth for value here.@ESPNFantasy #TwitterMockDraft in the 18th round.

@DSymborski: At this point in #twittermockdraft Adam Lind is a more than cromulent pick. @ESPNFantasy

Your thoughts:

@KyleEGreiner: @ESPNFantasy you all seem to be taking guys with an upside. Is that safe throughout the last 10 rounds?

@MOver_413: @ESPNFantasy @caroguillenespn smart pick late w/ Prado. Dual eligibility and good hitter for Avg. I like it!!

@dianagram:@SultanofStat [Scherzer] lasted THAT long?


Our thoughts:

@dschoenfield: Enjoy those 30 home runs [Kuroda will]l give up this year, Eric! I'll take 2B Jason Kipnis to fill MI in @ESPNFantasy #Twittermockdraft.

@SBerthiaumeESPN: Round 19 could be a steal of the draft type pick here: Phil Hughes.

@DSymborski: Well, to expand on my happiness on Aybar, 187 is way past his ESPN ADP of 140. My team's weakness is SB. #twittermockdraft

Your thoughts:

@DaveChoate: @SBerthiaumeESPN @ESPNFantasy This could be Hughes bustout year.

@scottdsimon:@DSzymborski "[My current pick] is a tremendous value at this point in the draft" -- Every pick in the #twittermockdraft

@kjgator22:@msimonespn @ESPNFantasy @SultanofStat you think Wandy will be ok even with poor spring?


Our thoughts:

@karabellespn: Was a bit surprised nobody else took Kendrys; perhaps nobody believes. A week ago I didn't. #letsplayleagueout

@SBerthiaumeESPN: In 20th round @RealJemileWeeks is a steal. Book it. Welcome aboard! @ESPNFantasy #TwitterMockDraft

@AJMass: Time to round out my lineup with a Prince among men... or so I hope. Mat Gamel, come on down! @ESPNFantasy #twittermockdraft

Your thoughts:

@motion_sound: @karabellespn @espnfantasy you won the draft ten rounds ago, now you're just rubbing their noses in it #twittermockdraft

@mZimm22: @MatthewBerryTMR @ESPNFantasy I like the strategy … love how you state your plan to stream SP in a mock draft …

@Mentoch:@dschoenfield @espnfantasy [Morrow's] ERA will never match his FIP. He's just the type of pitcher that profiles that way.


Our thoughts:

@DSyzmborski: In #twittermockdraft I'll add to my collection of injury-risk closers with Chris Perez. @ESPNFantasy

@SultanOfStat: Closer-by-committee? Ha! RP Sean Marshall has the skills, he'll emerge quickly. And he's my Round 21 @ESPNFantasy #TwitterMockDraft pick.

@CaroGuillenESPN: #TwitterMockDraft is almost done. I pay to find out if is shine left on El Caballo. Carlos Lee won't hurt my team. @ESPNFantasy

Your thoughts:

@Brandon5tewart: @dschoenfield @espnfantasy woah, the Mets can win 40 games? … @dschoenfield I'm not sold when the most important person on the payroll is the doctor… Healthy Johan, Bay, Wright will go a long way

@HotStoverReport: @SBerthiaumeESPN @ESPNFantasy [Name that Molina is] America's favorite game!

@tygw24:@ESPNFantasy @MatthewBerryTMR @karabellespn @dschoenfield closer run!!!


Our thoughts:

@karabellespn: With my final pick in the @ESPNFantasy #twittermockdraft I finally select a catcher. And Wilson Ramos is good for power. It's been fun!

@SultanOfStat: I've sung SP Vance Worley's praises all spring, so he's an obvious final #TwitterMockDraft pick for me. @ESPNFantasy

@CaroGuillenESPN: I will miss my #twittermockdraft! My final pick is an utility player, Daniel Murphy, because if he hits second in the Mets lineup, I would see runs!

Your final thoughts:

@MOver_413: @ESPNFantasy Erik Karabell's team is #BeastMode !! I would gladly take his team! #twittermockdraft

@DSTEWtheGOD: @SBerthiaumeESPN @espnfantasy I still can't believe you took The Big U 4 rounds ahead of The Big Masty. Masterson's a huge steal in Round 19.

@DrewMik: Same last pick. "@MatthewBerryTMR: With final pick of #twittermockdraft I take Geovany Soto."

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