Midseason fantasy All-Stars

Nobody wanted Marwin Gonzalez back in March. That was a mistake. Erik Williams/USA TODAY Sports

Paul Goldschmidt, Bryce Harper, Jose Altuve and Max Scherzer are the players most fantasy leaguers drafted in the first round. Through the halfway point of the season, these selections are earning back their owners' investments. Congratulations! But, as much as it's nice to have players like these on your roster, they're not going to win you a title by themselves.

High-priced players who end up performing as expected are just the building blocks for success. You need them to provide a solid foundation, but your league's champion will be the owner who has a far more valuable commodity -- profit.

When we look to crown the All-Stars from a fantasy perspective, we are looking for the most profitable players, based on their draft cost. Odds are good that most first-place teams will have one or more of the following players -- my midseason fantasy All-Stars -- on their roster.