Karablog: What to expect from Kris Bryant this year and beyond

It's been more than a month since Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant played a game. Should you use him in fantasy as soon as he returns to action? Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

There might be calls for Chicago Cubs rookie hero David Bote to continue playing, but come on, the minute Kris Bryant returns from the disabled list, he will be the team's regular third baseman. That minute should be by Thursday, when the Cubs start a long road trip against the NL East leaders in Atlanta. Bryant is rehabbing his injured shoulder for Triple-A Iowa, and he contributed a single and pair of walks in four plate appearances Tuesday against the Oklahoma City Dodgers. Reports from those who have seen Bryant's two games with Iowa claim all is apparently well, so we should all see him Thursday and, one would presume, in the top three spots in the lineup.

Bryant was the No. 13 selection in ESPN average live drafts, but shoulder injuries can take a toll on statistics, and it is fair to wonder what fantasy managers will be getting in September and, in theory, next year and beyond.