These toolsy prospects can make a big league impact in 2019

A finger injury ended Nick Senzel's season in late June but his hit tool is among the best in the minors. Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire

As the season winds down and the major and minor league rosters become intertwined, we are at the point where pure numbers do not matter much. Instead, what I want to do here is look at individual skills.

The parameters are as followed: these players are still on a minor league roster, but close enough that you should know them. There may be a dynamite A-baller who has all the tools, but in redraft leagues he is irrelevant for 2019. Also, this is not a 20-80 scale ranking, although a few of those numbers will be tossed around.

Today, the focus will be on hitters who are among the best with hit tool, power and speed. You can translate those to mean average, home runs, stolen bases with runs and RBI byproducts of those core skills.