Finding MLB's next 20-game winners

Dallas Keuchel and Jake Arrieta were MLB's only 20-game winners in 2015. Can they repeat the feat in 2016? Getty Images

I have never been a fan of the wins stat category in fantasy play. While we use it to evaluate pitchers, it actually correlates better with team offense than pitching skill. As such, it tends to generate anomalies each year:

In 2015, Shelby Miller posted a fine ERA of 3.02 in 205 1/3 innings, yet won only six games for the offense-deficient Braves. In 2014, Cole Hamels posted a 2.46 ERA in 204 2/3 innings, yet won only nine games for the Phillies. In 2012, Cliff Lee posted a 3.11 ERA in 211 innings, yet won only six games, also for the Phils.

The flipside occurs, too. Last year, Collin McHugh had a barely league-average ERA of 3.89, but won 19 games for the Astros. In 2012 and 2013, Lance Lynn won 18 and 15 games with ERAs near 4.00.

There have been many articles written about alternatives to using wins, from quality starts, to net wins, to wins plus quality starts. All have their advantages and disadvantages. But as long as we continue to include wins as a standard category, we need to look for pitchers who could give our teams a boost. To begin, why don't we shoot for the moon and try to find the potential 20-game winners for 2016?