Fantasy baseball lineup setting tool kit

Whether you're playing in a season-long league or daily fantasy, we've got several tools you can use every day to help set an optimal lineup.

X factors

Using a proven projection system, we highlight players most likely to hit home runs, steal bases, get strikeouts and more on a daily basis.

Rolling 10-day pitcher matchup projections

A constantly updated schedule of projected starting pitchers for the next 10 days including projected game scores for each pitcher.

Rolling 10-day hitter matchup ratings

A constantly updated outlook for each team's hitting matchups over the next 10 days including ratings for hitters of either handedness and for stolen base potential.

Closer chart

A quick reference for those seeking to pick up a new closer or speculate on those next in line.

Player rater

Which players are providing the most value? Our Player Rater assesses the production of every player on a category-by-category basis to help you scout the players who deliver the stats you need.


Scouring the waiver wire? Our rankings help you sort through your options and find out how you can improve your roster.