2013 Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheets

No time to study?

No worries; we have you covered with cheat sheets for mixed roto or points leagues as well as AL-only and NL-only roto leagues. Each one includes loads of information, including multiple-position-eligibility listings, positional and overall rank, and auction values. Just click the one you need and off you go. But remember, these sheets are a guide, a starting point to get you where you want to go: Victory Land. Use them to inform your decisions, to guess what others might do and to keep track of all the names in play. The picks you make, though, are entirely up to you.

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Mixed Cheat Sheets

This cheat sheet is for those of you in a standard 5x5 10-team roto league and includes 10-team or 12-team mixed league dollar values.
10-team Mixed Cheat Sheet | 12-team Mixed Cheat Sheet

Top 300 Cheat Sheet

Don't care to hunt for players in multiple positions? Planning on just taking the best player each time or just need a checklist? This sheet's for you, with 300 players listed by overall rank. Still includes position eligibility and 10-team dollar values but in our easiest-to-read form.
Top 300 Cheat Sheet

Points League Cheat Sheet

Rankings are based on ESPN standard points leagues: 1 point per TB, R, RBI, SB, BB, minus-1 per K for hitters; 5 points per win or save, 3 per inning pitched, 1 per strikeout, minus-5 for a loss, minus-2 for an earned run, and minus-1 for hits or walks for pitchers.
Points League Cheat Sheet | Points League Top 300 Cheat Sheet

Bullpen Org Chart Cheat Sheet

Every team's anticipated closer and the three most likely candidates to take saves should he be injured or falter. Reflects the latest known information.
Bullpen Cheat Sheet

AL-Only Cheat Sheets

For the hard-core American League-only players. Everything our Deep Mixed Sheet features, but with the National League players weeded out. Includes 10- or 12-team AL-only dollar values and overall ranking in the AL universe.
10-team AL-Only Cheat Sheet | 12-team AL-Only Cheat Sheet | AL-Only Top 300

NL-Only Cheat Sheets

Everything we feature in the AL sheet but for the Senior Circuit. Includes 10- or 12-team NL-only dollar values and overall rankings in the NL universe.
10-team NL-Only Cheat Sheet | 12-team NL-Only Cheat Sheet | NL-Only Top 300