Rules Index

Custom league managers have the ability to modify the general league rules to suit their needs. If the settings are not changed / modified, the default settings will be used. These rules may be modified via the "LM Tools" tab.

Player/Team Universe: The league manager determines the size of the league's player pool or "Universe". The options are:

  • Eastern Conference Players only

  • Western Conference Players only

  • All NBA Players -- default/recommended

  • This setting can be changed only before the league's draft begins.

    Roster lock times: The league manager decides when team rosters lock during the week.

  • Slots lock individually at scheduled game time -- default/recommended. If selected, each roster slot locks when the player's game begins.

  • All slots lock at the first game of the week -- If selected, all roster slots lock at the scheduled tip-off time of the first game each week.

  • These settings can only be edited before your draft begins.

    Observe Undroppable Player Rules: The "undroppable" list is comprised of players who cannot be dropped to waivers during the season. ESPN introduced this feature to prevent collusion (in these cases, owners would be able to drop star players, allowing those first on the waiver wire to pick them up). League managers can choose if they want to allow owners to be capable of dropping all players or be prevented from dropping designated players.

  • Yes -- default/recommended

  • No

  • This setting can be changed by the league manager anytime during the season.

    Make League Viewable to Public: The league manager has the option to make the league viewable to the public. If "yes" is selected, the league is set as "Public" and owners can send their league URLs out in e-mail (or posted on message board) to have non-members view them. In public leagues, some pages (such as the list of team owners and league message boards) are not viewable, but the main League Office, Standings and Team Clubhouse pages are viewable. If "no" is selected, the league is set as "Private" and every page (except League Settings) in your league will not be viewable by anyone other than team owners.

  • Yes -- default/recommended

  • No

  • This setting can changed by the league manager anytime during the season.