Fantasy hoops: How to overcome bad FT shooters and win

For all of the good that Ben Simmons does for fantasy teams, averaging 57.4 FT% on 5.5 FTA is a real anchor in roto leagues. Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

"You do the arithmetic
We do the language arts
Y'all stand against the wall, blindfolded
We throw the darts" ---Outkast, A Life in the Day of Benjamin André (incomplete)

I lived in the greater Detroit area when Ben Wallace was in his heyday. One year, in my fantasy league, someone tried to trade Big Ben to my roommate in a deal in which he would send Shaquille O'Neal out in return. My roommate told me he was going to turn down the deal because Big Ben "shot free throws like he was throwing darts blindfolded" and that he would kill his free throw percentage.

I pointed out that Shaq was horrid from the free throw line, but my roommate initially pushed back that Shaq was having his best year at the line (he'd finish the season shooting a career-best 62.2 percent from the line), way better than the 45.0 percent that Big Ben would go on to shoot that season.

However, as I pointed out to my roommate, the impact of accuracy is very much tied to