Will Carroll's Chat Wrap

Welcome to The Show! On Friday, fantasy games writer Will Carroll stopped by to chat. Carroll provides all the information you need on the week's NFL injuries, so you can plan your starting lineup for your fantasy team.

Will Carroll: (3:22 PM ET ) Sorry I'm late -- computer probs from where I was, but with no radar between the studio and home, I'm here. Throw the penalty flag -- 5 yards for late, so lots of short, quick answers to get everyone ready.

Travis, Canada: Will, breakdown the Saints injury list?

Will Carroll: (3:22 PM ET ) The big ones are Colston, Horn, and Bush. Bush shouldn't have any problems with the shoulder, so ignore him. Horn looks questionable but in. It's Colston we don't have a good line on. He'll be a GTD.

sean (hoboken): Is Foster worth starting at Flex this week? What are the expectations?

Will Carroll: (3:23 PM ET ) I'm expecting a lot more runs with Weinke in, making Foster and Williams a split not unlike Taylor and Jones-Drew. Both are good fantasy starts, though you'd rather have Williams.

Sean (Chicago): Status on Antonio Gates and his hammy?

Will Carroll: (3:24 PM ET ) Ready to go.

Tom (Ann Arbor): Will, what is the status of McGahee? I know the boot came off, but will he play on Sunday?

Will Carroll: (3:24 PM ET ) He'll play. The boot was precautionary. He's still below 100% so look at your options.

DT (San Francisco): Chester Taylor update?!

Will Carroll: (3:25 PM ET ) Quick note -- repeating your question 36 times (as someone has actually done - you know who you are Billy in Philly) is a guaranteed way to get skipped.

Taylor is very sore and a week off could do him good in other ways. Look for Fason and Moore to get the carries.

Ronnie (Miami): More important injury on Monday night: Nathan Vashar's or Marc Bulger's?

Will Carroll: (3:27 PM ET ) Bulger's. Vashar can be replaced, but those injuries are really starting to stack up on a Bears defense that is looking less and less dominating -- and has to be to win. Bulger has to be able to throw well to pick apart the secondary and his quick release is key.

Bill (Iowa): If McGahee's below 100%, is Henry a better option?

Will Carroll: (3:27 PM ET ) Yes, this week I think he is.

Andy R. (Philly): And Stallworth is fully healthy, looking to pick-up where he left off last week for us?

Will Carroll: (3:27 PM ET ) No reason to think otherwise, though Stallworth should be on Bill's list of "tantalizers."

Rob (Arizona): Is Tatum's turf toe really over and will he be reliable?

Will Carroll: (3:29 PM ET ) Not "over" but "manageable." He'll start. Don't expect reliability from any Denver RB.

Chris, Annville PA: With there being a chance Delhomme may not play on Sunday would you start either Chad Johnson or Reggie Wayne over Steve Smith?

Will Carroll: (3:29 PM ET ) More than a chance. I would start either of those over Smith, but it's a nice problem to have.

scott, east coast: should I stick with bulger and all his concerns (bears d, ribs, and apparently a couple linemen he's not happy with)or go with kitna or leinart? thanks!

Will Carroll: (3:30 PM ET ) I actually like Leinart this week. Bulger does have a lot of concerns, esp his release, which a writer told me "looked slow" in practice.

Jonathan ( Chapel Hill, NC ): Does Maroney have an injury history dating back to his college days? Is he looking injury prone or is he getting a hard introduction to the NFL and will toughen up.

Will Carroll: (3:31 PM ET ) Good question ... you know, I don't know. Any Gophers fans want to help a brother out? Most NFL rookies do hit a wall, so I'm not too concerned.

Rob(Revere,MA): Pick me Pick me.. Will Delhomme play this week or should I insert Young vs Houston?

Will Carroll: (3:31 PM ET ) Young looks like a bigger Michael Vick to me, with all the associated problems.

Tiki, NY: Hard to type, hand hurts. Is it gonna be hard to carry the ball this week? Should owners run Travis Henry instead this week? Peace out....

Will Carroll: (3:32 PM ET ) It's this kind of toughness that makes Tiki, Tiki. I think we saw what we'll get last week.

Matt, Ohio: If Willie Parker is now known as "Fast Willie Parker", are you known as "Slow Willie Carroll?" Just kidding. What's the latest on Bulger?

Will Carroll: (3:33 PM ET ) 1) No one calls me Willie. I'm neither young nor a Blues singer.
2) I am slow. Molasses on a cold day slow. I could go first to third on a triple.
Bulger's banged up, but will start. I know I already said that, but it was a chance to remind people that I am slow.

Skippy in Mississippi: Should I plug in DeAngelo over Bush considering how all of the injuries surrounding these guys will effect the play calling?

Will Carroll: (3:34 PM ET ) Wow, tough call. After Bush's breakout game last week, it's tough to pick anyone over him short of LDT or LJ. You're right though that Williams does have a favorable setup.

Pat (NY): Will, is fantasy football "expert" the glam job we all think it is? It must bring in a ton of chicks, right??

Will Carroll: (3:36 PM ET ) It's a lot of hard work, but yes, the rewards are very, very, very rewarding. (Really, someone explain that commercial to me.)

Joe, Roseville MI: Better option: McGahee at 80-90% or Cedric Houston at 100%???

Will Carroll: (3:36 PM ET ) McGahee. Too much uncertainty on who gets the carries for the Jets.

Mike (az): Will I know this is old news but is B Berry of the carindals injury prone. I know some of this you cant control but he has town an upper body muscle in back to back years and missed half the seaons(tricep and pec). Is this age or what?

Will Carroll: (3:37 PM ET ) I think this is more style. Look at how defensive linemen use their arms and you'll understand just how much stress is on that area. I'm surprised some of these guys don't have an arm ripped off. And no, I'm not exaggerating.

Jack (Chicago): Big Will! What's the skinny on Hinez Ward? When do you think he'll return?

Will Carroll: (3:38 PM ET ) Not sure, but I'm less sure why there's any value in Ward returning for a Steelers team that's out of it. Unless you REALLY need the fantasy points -- and let's assume Bill Cowher doesn't -- there's nothing to gain.

Justin (Boston, MA): Love listening to your section on MLB.com Fantasy 411 Pick two Rudi, Bush, or DeAngelo.

Will Carroll: (3:39 PM ET ) Thanks -- it was fun doing the baseball thing all week. Flip a coin on those - really can't go wrong.

Vic (Hoboken, NJ): Ray Lewis is playing at KC, correct? That being said, would you consider starting the Cinci D (vs. Oak) over the Balt D? I smell a shut out in Cinci.

Will Carroll: (3:40 PM ET ) Yes. Yes. Is that what that smell is? Been wondering.

Cato June(Indy): Who do I start this week: Benson or T. Bell?

Will Carroll: (3:41 PM ET ) The Junimus Maximus should start Bell.

Rob (Boston): What do you think of Stokley as a sleeper during the rest of the regular season and into the playoffs?

Will Carroll: (3:42 PM ET ) YES! Great point there ... Stokley has a great relationship with Peyton Manning and tends to catch some TDs. He's probably available on a lot of waiver wires, so if you can take the chance, and if he stays healthy, he's a nice upside play.

Rocky, IL: Real scared of playing Horn (only other wideout option is Moulds)...is Horn gonna play or make one catch and be done??

Will Carroll: (3:42 PM ET ) See, that's the risk. Moulds is ... well, not as risky at least.

zach campbell from port charlotte flordia: yea what is the injurie list for the flordia gators and ohio state.

Will Carroll: (3:43 PM ET ) Did we finally decide those teams really should be in the NFL?

Danni Boatwright: I miss doing the show with you will! Any word on Maroney's injury, or are we all just guessing like Bilicheck wants us to be?

Will Carroll: (3:46 PM ET ) I know this isn't actually my girl the Boat, but it's a nice question. Maroney's back is a full-on mystery. Latest word I have is that the team is leaning to using Patrick Pass as Dillon's backup, but this will change moment to moment up to kickoff.

Anil (Rockville, MD): Hey Will, I got three guys who were on the injured report this week (Reggie Bush, Brian Westbrook, TJ Housh). What are the chances these guys play, and play well in a huge fantasy playoff week?

Will Carroll: (3:49 PM ET ) All should play and all should be in your lineup if possible. Westbrook is the one I'm most worried about due to the chance the toe affects his gait and ends up hurting his knee.

Eddie (Hoboken, NJ): Will, I work in NY for said company that makes the commercial and we who aren't in marketing are on board.... the commercial makes NO sense. Any word on Ronnie Brown? Thanks.

Will Carroll: (3:50 PM ET ) Ok good to know it's not just me. Brown's out this week, very iffy for the next.

Zander (L.A.): Dunn or D. Williams? Dunn hasnt played great, but I fear Foster getting just enough carries in to screw up my game. Is D going to get enough to warrant benching Dunn?

Will Carroll: (3:55 PM ET ) I'd go Dunn there, but Williams is still a good play even if Foster gets 15-20 touches.

(Sorry for the gap in questions there. I'm having to wade through the repeaters.)

Bill (Iowa): Any injury concerns on the Jets or Cowboys D? Which one's a better play this week?

Will Carroll: (3:55 PM ET ) NO injury concerns at all for the Cowboys. The fact that they have no one at all on the injury report is one of the big reasons why they're my pick for the Super Bowl right now. (AFC? Cincy.)

John (WI): Please help me out, so I can beat my smack talking friend in the playoffs. McGahee or Fason this weekend?

Will Carroll: (3:56 PM ET ) I'd go McGahee. Point to the scoreboard.

Greg (Philly): Short answers... I hope that doesn't mean no long questions! Multiple injuries entwined in this one: My league's playoffs are Weeks 15 and 16. We don't have a trade deadline, and I'm looking to make a deal with a team that is on the verge of making the playoffs. His RBs have been hampered by injuries and we start three, so I'm looking at a couple of possibilities: 1) A 2-for-1 deal, where I give him Tatum Bell AND D'Angelo Williams for Frank Gore; 2) Tatum OR D'Angelo for Chester Taylor. My questions are: 1) Are these deals fair; 2) Am I being dumb trying to trade for an injured Chester, or will he be back in time for my league's playoffs?

Will Carroll: (3:57 PM ET ) Deals are fair, but I wouldn't do any of them.

josh -philly: Will betts be more productive than either Chicago back this weekend since they are splitting carries

Will Carroll: (3:58 PM ET ) Should be close.

Sorry I was late. I owe you guys one and if I could go longer, I would. Be sure to check out the Sunday Morning Med Check on ESPN.com.